QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 142

Interview with Adrian Crighton — BA (Hons) Public Relations, Marketing and Events About you “I really enjoy the community learning aspect of the University. I have always thought that I would rather go to a friendlier and more supportive university and make a bigger impact than go to a larger university and just be another face in the crowd. “For nearly a decade before coming to QMU, I was a classical ballet dancer and was heavily involved with a lot of theatre work. My current favourite passtime is mountain biking and I have a golden labrador named Holly.” What’s been the highlight of the course so far? “What has stood out for me on the BA (Hons) PR, Marketing and Events programme at QMU so far was volunteering at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Scotland PRide Awards, which is a black tie event celebrating the top PR campaigns of the year. My favourite assessment (never thought I would say that) was the crisis news conference, where you need to sit on a panel representing a hypothetical organisation undergoing a crisis while your lecturers role play as journalists. I thought this was great because it gives you real experience in dealing with situations and is not just a sit-down exam.” What’s your advice for making the most of being a student at QMU? “Be prepared to throw yourself into absolutely every opportunity. It’s really important that you take advantage of the many personal ][Y[[Y\]SUH\ٙ\[\B^\Y[H\H[H]XX\\H\[ 'ؘXHHY\YYو^B[YH]SUH\\Y[^B[[Y[]HTܘ[[YKXx&[H[ܙ[][ˈTœ[܈Y[\\H[X\Y܂H[ '[\Hx&[H][[XXHܚ™^\Y[Hݙ\[XݙHHXY[ZXšۛYHx&[HX\[ۈ^HYܙYK[Y[[Y\X\H Y[˜Xܛ\ܚ^\Y[H][ۜ[Y[\ݙ\H[[Y\\˜]Z[XH^\Y[H\[\ݚ[^BۙY[H[][[^BXY\\[]8&\HX[܂^HՋ'B]\H[\[Y\ܘYX][™HSUO¸'Y\HܘYX]HHH\YHB\Y\[ܜܘ]H[][X][ۜ˸'BM