QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 140

BA/BA (Hons) Public Relations, Marketing and Events Organisations often take an integrated approach to communication, bringing together the disciplines of public relations, marketing and events management to help meet corporate goals. Public relations manages relationships with a range of stakeholder groups including employees, the government, and the media, while marketing focuses on relationships with the customer. Events are organised to help companies or groups campaign on issues, or promote and market products and services. Our professionally relevant courses are adapted continually to meet the changing needs of students, employers and society. This flexible, accessible and responsive approach ensures that you will benefit from the latest research, technology and industry practices. We focus on equipping our students with the expertise they’ll need to build successful and fulfilling careers. Our teaching is informed by our research activity. This course focuses on the core principles of marketing and PR theory and applies them to practice. You will learn about the role of marketing, events management and PR as central activities within organisations and their role within a consumer-driven society. In Year One, key concepts are covered and essential practical skills developed. Modules look at the history of PR, contemporary practice, particularly how PR works with the media, including social media platforms. The dynamics affecting the role of marketing are considered and students focus on the nature and development of the events industry. Modules in Year Two expand on professional practices in PR and marketing. Students consider how organisations communicate with external stakeholders through the media and internally with employees. We also help students understand how the areas work together in practice by planning, promoting, delivering and evaluating an event for a range of clients. In Year Three, the principles of planning are expanded upon from a marketing and PR management perspective. Concepts of strategy and persuasion are introduced and research skills are strengthened. Students gain an insight into fashion marketing and can tailor their programme through the selection of an option. In Year Four, students are encouraged to work more independently, develop their critical skills and follow their own area of interest. This happens through working on the dissertation research project, working in industry on a one month placement and choosing options from across the three disciplines. Structure You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outlined. Delivered by academics who are recognised nationally and internationally and are actively engaged with industry, this \H[ž[HX[HYHقYH\\[\X\B[H[YۙY ]ݚY\œXX[^\Y[H[BYHXYܝ[]JX]H YHTۈ]HYJH܂[]Z[وHX\[XX[[\\Y[X]]Y\܈\\K[X]H8&HXX[[x&[X\&HX[ۈۈY\ LLKYX\ۙH[[\’[X[ۈYYXH[][ۜ“ۛ[H]ܛ\[XX\‘[][ۜوX\][[X[ۂ][X[Y[Y[ [\[X[Y[Y[[][\\BYX\[[\“YYXH[\ZYۚ[[\YYB[][X][ۈ[X[[][Kܚ]X[[[[]ܚX“X\][[XXKX\][”\X\ ][X[Y[Y[[][X][ۂYX\YH[[\”XX[][ۜ[ܞH[]YK”\X\]H[][X][ۋ\X\ Y\\[[X\][[][X][ۋ\[ۈX\][\›[ۘ[[[BYX\\[[\•XX[X\[[\\Y[ٙ\[ۘ[[][X][ۈX[Y[ ‘\\][ۋ]YXX\][“X[Y[Y[ \[ۜNؘ[][XY\\[X[\XN[X]\N܈[\][ۘ[X\HYHH\H[Hۈ\ XX]Z[X[]BL