QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 134

Interview with Greig Stark — BSc (Hons) Public Sociology “I am Greg Stark and I am 28. I am originally from Glenrothes in Fife but have been living in Edinburgh since 2006 when I originally enrolled as a student at QMU. “I completed the first and second years of a Sociology and Cultural Studies degree at QMU, but decided to withdraw in 2008 due to personal issues. I then started working full-time and began a career as a Retail Compliance Manager with Tesco in 2013. After working with Tesco for nine and a half years, I made a joint decision with the support of my wife to return to QMU, complete my degree and move into the voluntary sector. This is something I’d always wanted to do. “Thanks to the support and encouragement of my Academic Adviser at QMU, I am now studying BSc (Hons) Public Sociology and I am in Year Three. I also spent part of my studies on exchange at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in the USA.” How did you come to choose this course and why QMU? “I originally came to QMU in 2006 as I had always wanted to move to Edinburgh. I attended the Corstorphine campus for my first year and moved to the new Musselburgh campus half way through my second year. The new facilities and prospects drew me in. When I chose to return, I was offered the chance to return as an associate student while I worked full-time and in turn I could directly enter Year Three. This was a major factor into returning to QMU.” Why did you choose to study in Edinburgh? “Coming from Fife, Edinburgh was always somewhere I visited when I was younger. Whether to watch Scotland play rugby at Murrayfield, watch my local team travel to Easter Road or Tynecastle or spend days taking in the culture with my family — it’s always somewhere I’ve loved to be. Edinburgh is the greatest city in the world. I’m not shy to tell anyone that. Where else in the world can you stand on the main shopping street and see a castle on top of a volcano. You can have breakfast in the city, have a picnic up the Pentland hills and then stroll along the beach at night. It truly is an amazing place. After living here for eleven years, I’m proud to call Edinburgh my home.” What’s been the highlight of the course so far? I took the ‘Poverty and Social Exclusion’ module as an associate student in 2016 and felt honoured to be learning from academics that have done so much vital social research in the field of workers’ rights and conditions and I now have the honour of learning from experts in their respective fields every day. “I enjoy doing presentations in \XۛH[Y^HۙY[H[\][[^HܚXH\HBHZHۈY][ۘ[ܝ[]Y\œ\H^HYX\ˈH[X[H[Hܚ][š[[XY[ZX[K'BY[HYHXY\\و[\SUHYܙYO¸'H\Hܝ[]Hۈ[^[H\\H[]\]K[[[XKTH[ MˈHSUBX\\X[ ZY][HB[YXX[^\Y[K\XX[H\B[Yܚ]H^H\YX\\\][ۈۈ\X[]HY[YZ[[H]\X[]Y\\BX]Y[\Y]Y\[HقܙX][Y] H[[]]YZ[][\[]\]H[[YH][ݙ\Y[ܚ܂XY[ZXH[H]\K'[H]\\HH[Y\Y^B\X\H\\Y[و\X[]Y\›ۈ[\\][Y\[][ۜ܂X\ܞH[۝[[YBX]Hۈ\Y[[\8&\^X]]Bܙ\[ܘHH][[ۈ[XY]^[HHZYHX\[ܝYXK'H[[XXH[X]][˜[YZ[[HTH\Bܝ[]HYY]][HB\[Hܛ]HXYBܙX]Y[˂L̂[H\܈Y[ZYH[\\Y[\\O¸'XX[H\H\[][XX [H[H\\Y][HYH]]\H^K]\[x&\H\[[\X[Y\]ܚ[[\^^B\H\Z[[x&\HX][X]X[[X[ۜ[Y\[[\܂[x&\H[H\[[[\Y[\š\XX[K'HX\HHܛܚ[B[H^H]\ˈH\HB[][X]H[H^H]H[]HYY[HXZHBܛH]\XKHۙH[[BYYۛY[H[YH[\™Y[\][H[ܚ][B$[Hو[[\\[Y[\[YXۛZXܛ\[^X[ܚY[][ۜˈH[XB]\]\H[\H]][\X\][[ܛHXHXZ\XZB[\][Y]]\[ۙK]\]XX[HYX[YK'B[H]\H[Y\ܘYX][ۏ¸'H\[Hܚ܈H[\Bܙ[\][ۈ\Y[Y[\[YHX[ۈܛ\ Hܚ][HX[؜\\Y[ XZ[\\ܝH[\Y]H]Y][ۘ[\ܝYY[YX[[ٝ[[\[ ܘYX]HYH\œY][x&YZHۜY\[B]\K][Hۙ\KHH˜\]H[ܙHܚ[H[\BX܈[ۙH^H[ݙH[ܚ]H\ݙ\Y[ HX[XBY\\[H[YX[H܈YH]H[&]\[H؈]\ܝY[8&\][ۈ]YHHR˸'BT•X\[ܙHHܙY[\™^\Y[\ۈ^[H]\\B[]\]Hو[[[XH[BTK\]\]΋œ\Y[\ ܙ\˘