QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 13

Teaching and learning facilities Teaching spaces - Traditional lecture theatres and smaller seminar-style classrooms - Specialist teaching facilities for students on some of our Health Sciences and Arts courses, including: clinical skills laboratories; biochemistry laboratories; and a fully functioning podiatry clinic used by the public - Film and video editing suites - A drama studio and spaces - A nursing simulation suite - A range of technology facilities including a TV studio, photographic and graphic studios, and a video conference suite Learning Resource Centre - Open 24 hours a day and forms the heart of our campus - C  ontains resources and facilities which are an essential support to your learning and teaching at QMU - A combined facility for directed and independent study, based on integrated library and information service provision - More than 1,000 study spaces are available with a variety of social, quiet and silent study areas and bookable group study rooms - Access to a range of books and journals, both print and electronic, other electronic resources and audio visual material to support your studies - Help and support for users is provided - Liaison librarians make sure you are trained in accessing the wide range of electronic resources available to support your learning Assistive Technology Room - Designed to meet the needs of students with disabilities Computing facilities - Study spaces offer access to the QMU networked IT and research facilities via cutting-edge thin-client technology - Contains a range of assistive software, ergonomic and accessible peripherals, and adaptive furniture - Each terminal provides access to up-to-date software including the Microsoft Office applications suite, subject-specific specialist applications, and internet and email access via our own high-speed network - Access to high-quality printing, copying and scanning, and a variety of academic and research software - All rooms in our student accommodation offer high-speed wireless internet access - Our β€˜Remote Desktop’ service enables you to access the majority of applications and electronic resources off campus wherever an internet connection is available Effective Learning Service - Supports you in developing and enhancing your learning strategies and skills for university study - Offers informal workshops as well as one-to-one appointments offering individual guidance and advice on a range of topics including essay writing, referencing and exam preparation skills. Provides specialist English language support for international students - Offers easily accessible study resources Personal development plans (PDP) - You will receive guidance in producing a PDP which encourages students to carry out key learning processes, ₯Ή±Υ‘₯ΉœΙ•™±•Ρ₯Ήœ½Έέ‘…Ёε½Τ…Ι”±•…ΙΉ₯Ήœ°Α±…ΉΉ₯Ήœ…ΉΙ•½Ι‘₯Ήœε½ΥȁΑ•ΙΝ½Ή…°½‰©•Ρ₯Ω•Μ°)…Ή½΅΅ΥΉ₯…Ρ₯ΉœΡ‘•Ν”ΡΌ½Ρ‘•ΙΜ(΄€A±…ΉΜ‘•±ΐε½Τ‘•Ω•±½ΐΡ‘”­•δΝ­₯±±Με½ΤΙ•ΕΥ₯Ι”™½Θ±•…ΙΉ₯Ήœ…Ή•΅Α±½ε΅•ΉΠ°…ΉΑΙ•Α…Ι”™½Θε½Υȁ™ΥΡΥΙ”)…Ι••Θ(΄€Q‘”ΑΙ½•Ν́₯́ΥΝ•ΡΌΝΥΑΑ½ΙЁΝΡΥ‘•ΉΠ±•…ΙΉ₯Ήœ₯Έ‘₯™™•Ι•ΉΠέ…εΜ°…½Ι‘₯ΉœΡΌΡ‘”½ΥΙΝ”½˜ΝΡΥ‘δ(ΔΔ