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This course encompasses every area of drama and performance and enables students to latterly tailor modules to their particular interest. Modules teach performers, stage- managers, technical, directors and everything inbetween the skills necessary to advance in that field . BA/BA (Hons) Drama From the investigation of the many processes involved in creating and staging plays to the exploration of key performance practices, this course offers a theoretical and practical learning approach to the craft of theatre, its techniques and historical context. Through a progressive historical and theoretical underpinning of creative processes and practical work, this course provides a unique opportunity to experiment with a diverse range of working practices, preparing the ground and offering the tools for a successful career in the performing arts. Our cross disciplinary and collaborative teaching approach aims at challenging conventional assumptions of learning experiences and outcomes within performing arts studies. We aim to encourage critical thinking and creative prowess through interaction and dialogue between core practice, historical genealogies and current theoretical frameworks, which support the development of text-based as well as devised performance practices. Collaborations and exchange with the other performing arts courses enables Drama and Performance students to gain a deeper understanding of how diverse creative strategies can be integrated in the process of producing original work. On graduation, students will have acquired a rounded experience of how live performance functions, and of the many ways in which drama can be understood and made relevant to contemporary audiences. The first two years offer the opportunity to work in collaborative, creative experimental workshops, in which students will work to find solutions to the creative staging and performance of classic and contemporary genres and texts. Bringing a range of interests and skills (eg acting, directing, dramaturgy, scenography and playwriting), students will share their different perspectives and insights. Classes will also cover theatre history and theory, which will inform the decisions students make in their creative work. In Years Three and Four, you will study core modules plus optional modules allowing you to focus interests in specific areas. In Year Four, you will complete a personal final project, which can be performance based or a written dissertation. Structure You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outlined. Teaching, learning and assessment Please see the course entry on our website (see URL on opposite page) for full details of the learning, teaching and assessment activities for this course. Also check out the ‘How we teach and how you’ll learn’ section on pages 8-11. Year One modules Introduction to Studying Drama and 122 Performance/ Text and Performance 1 and 2/ The Origins of Theatre/ Play and Performance/ Performance and Production Practices Year Two modules Theatre of Ideas and the Stage/ Space, Performance and The Spectator/ Theory, Drama and Audiences/ Practitioner Researchers/ British Theatre Since 1945/ Collaborations in Performance and Production Year Three modules Performance project/ Contemporary Scottish Theatre in Debate/ Critical Theory, Performance and Text/ Independent research project/ Arts Funding in its Policy Context/ plus two options from: Playwriting 1/ Contemporary Performance 1/ Community Theatre 1/ Experiential Learning/ plus film and media options Year Four modules Creative Entrepreneurship/ Professional Practice and Development/ Honours project/ plus two options from: The Only Way is Ethics — Art Participation and Ethics/ Contemporary Performance 2/ Community Theatre 2 / Playwriting 2/ Page to Stage/ plus film and media options The modules listed here are correct at time of print (Feb 2018) but may differ slightly to those offered in 2019 following the next revalidation. Please check the website for any updates.