QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 123

“The highlight of this course is how diverse it is in nature. Alongside garment construction we get to do design work, theatre production and have experience on real shows. We are also given many opportunities outside of working hours such as going to see performances and attending events like ‘museum lates.” Jess Hawley (pictured) BA (Hons) Costume Design and Construction Entry requirements Other information Scottish Higher BBCC UCAS code W451 A Level CCD Duration 3/4 years full-time Irish Leaving Certificate H3 H3 H3 H3 Start date September 2019 International Baccalaureate 28 points Delivery On campus International IELTS of 6.0 with no element lower than 5.5 Awarding body QMU. Please see the ‘External review’ section on pages 8-11. Required subjects Eng/ His/ Drama (or another theatre related subject) and preferably Art, Design or Textiles at Higher/ A Level/ or equivalent. English and Maths/ Lifeskills Maths are required at Int2/ National 5 or GCSE. Exchange opportunities N/A Mature/Access Applications welcomed from mature students with relevant qualifications/ experience. Direct Entry Year 2 – Relevant HND with CB in the graded units — see our website for details at www.qmu.ac.uk/college- qualifications Other requirements Candidates are required to submit an e-portfolio containing 10 images. There will be a 20 minute interview as part of the selection process and candidates are required to bring their general portfolio, COURSE QUALITY two garments or costumes that they SATISFACTION have made and complete a short design exercise for discussion. 100% NATIONAL STUDENT SURVEY Placements In Year Three, you will complete a 3-week wardrobe placement with a professional organisation working with costume within the creative sector (eg theatre or film company or specialist costume designer). You will chose and arrange the placement which can be undertaken at any point following completion of Year Two. I [H]BYX[H[[[HZ]XH][ۋB[\\[K[YX\\[و[\ܙY][HX\YYۙB]YZԈ ]YZ[\[[XXHX[Y[ˈ\ܝ[]B[[[H^[[\^\Y[B[Z[۝X[H[YH\XBو[\XKXX[Y\^\[[Y]X\”X\HYH8&HXX[ž[x&[X\&HX[ۈۈY\ LLK\HY\”X\HYHY\ M LMBLBٙ\[ۘ[Y\][ۋXܙY]][ۂB\Y\–[H[]H][Y[[\B[H][و\][K[\[[˜[^\Y[H[H\Yۈ[ۜX[ۈو[Y\܂\ܛX[K[H[HXHœܙ\[H[\[[ܙX]]B[\Y\ˈ؈ܝ[]Y\^\[B[\X\ΈX]K[Y[\B[[][N[]\[ێ^X][ێ˜ܜܘ]H[\Z[Y[Y\\[\˜[ܘY[ۛ[H][K[YYXKHSUO•\\H\[\]YH[HR[][H\H]Y[YB\Yۋ\[[YBۜX[ۈ[XX[\ؙB\\\[ۈ[X[Y[Y[[\[[ H\H\YH\XY][HX]H[\K\H\Hۙ][ۘ[[[Y[H\H]]\[B^\Y[Hو]HڙX