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The course is highly respected within the theatre industry and has a strong graduate employment record. On the course you work on live projects with partner organisations and companies. BA/BA (Hons) Costume Design and Construction Costume design and construction is the process of designing and constructing bespoke sets of clothing for performers in theatre, film, TV and many other aspects of the entertainment and leisure industries. Costume designers and makers research, design, and source or construct these ‘costumes’ for characters, fictional or historical, and for performers of many kinds. The art and craft of creating, delivering and maintaining this essential aspect of performance is the central focus of this course. The course has a strongly vocational element which is embedded in the six professional practice modules (two of them in each of the first three years of the degree). In these, you work as part of a team delivering the costumes for a series of live projects working in collaboration with partner organisations and companies. This unique structure is central to the way we teach. Grouped around this structure and supporting your learning in Years One and Two are a series of modules which will develop your research and design skills, your analytic and writing skills, and your construction and wardrobe management expertise. In Year Three, the preferences and choices available to you within the modules enable you to begin to specialise by working in greater depth on two or more of the varieties of pathways that costume practice offers — perhaps millinery and head wear, or the design of costume for film, or historical cut and construction. You can extend your knowledge of these chosen skills in your industry placement and in your Independent Research and Construction Project — as well as in the responsible key production roles as designer, supervisor or specialist maker. In Year Four, if you decide to undertake the honours year as many of our students do, the emphasis is on refining your chosen areas of future practice, using the Independent Professional Practice options to gain practical experience and make contacts in the wider world. Also in Year Four, the Creative Entrepreneurship module is designed to help you focus on developing clarity about your future employment options while proving your expertise and academic research skills through the honours study. Garment Cutting and Construction/ Introduction to Visual Communication Skills/ Introduction to Research and Costume Design/ Introduction to Theatre Production/ Professional Practice as a Wardrobe Trainee Year Two modules Introduction to Professional Practice as a Costume Assistant/ Professional Practice as a Costume Assistant/ Costume Design and Scenography/ Complementary Construction Skills/ Advanced Cut and Construction/ Career Management Year Three modules Structure You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outlined. Teaching, learning and assessment Please see the course entry on our website (see URL on opposite page) for full details of the learning, teaching and assessment activities for this course. Also check out the ‘How we teach and how you’ll learn’ section on pages 8-11. Year One modules Introduction to Professional Practice as a Wardrobe Trainee/ Introduction to 120 Professional Practice in a Key Role 1/ Professional Practice in a Key Role 2/ Independent Research and Construction Project/ Industry Placement Year Four modules Honours Study/ Creative Entrepreneurial Project/ plus options including: Independent Professional Practice: Work Experience/ Independent Professional Practice: Collaborative Project/ Independent Professional Project: Major Project The modules listed here are correct at time of print (Feb 2018) but may differ slightly to those offered in 2019 following the next revalidation. Please check the website for any updates.