QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 116

Interview with Alex Hunstone — BSc (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management About you Living away from home “I’m 21 and from Southport, England and in Year Four of the International Hospitality and Tourism Management degree. “I’ve lived in halls for the majority of my four years at QMU for various reasons. I never had high expectations of student residences, but it has been a good experience, with the best part being the people you meet. Your flatmates become your family away from home and make your university experience even better. I know that my various flatmates over the years will be friends for life. It is also so handy living on campus as you can virtually roll out of bed into class. The campus is also close to supermarkets and Fort Kinnaird — a constantly growing outdoor shopping complex, with a multiplex cinema and several restaurants which I go to regularly. “Due to my dad’s job, I lived in Saudi Arabia until I was eight and went to school there. Over the years I have travelled to many countries including, America, Canada and various countries in Europe. “When at home, I am a Brownie Leader, for the 48th Southport Brownies. I enjoy this very much as I see the girls grow and develop over the four years they are a Brownie. This has built on my leadership skills, but also allows me to revert back to my childhood of playing games and creating crafts. As well as a Brownie leader, I am also an assistant helper at the Griffin Scout Group. I was a Scout myself and it helped me make friends and provided me with some of the best experiences of my life. This summer we recently took the Scouts to Austria for two weeks on an adventure holiday. “My other hobbies include ballroom and Latin dancing, in which I am a trained teacher, and playing my flute.” Why did you choose this course and QMU? “The campus is pretty close to Edinburgh city centre, which is great, allowing me to experience everything that Edinburgh has to offer. “I’ve had so many good times and unforgettable memories made in the city and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity. From watching the Bonfire Night fireworks from on top of Carlton Hill, to attending the Christmas markets, and nights out on Rose Street.” The course “This experience of living overseas sparked my interest in a career which involved travel and, after doing hospitality and tourism at A Level, I knew I wanted to study something similar at university. When choosing a university, I looked at courses which had both hospitality and tourism aspects. QMU became one of my first choices as it offered a work placement — most courses in England didn’t have the placement opportunity and I thought it would be more beneficial for my career if I chose a course which gave me industry experience. “The course included a nine month placement which for me took place at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. These were some of the best months of my life — especially linked to the fact I’m a massive Disney kid at heart. I worked at Disney World in Orlando as a lifeguard at Magic Kingdom’s Contemporary Resort, as w [\H\X\\ܛY\H[YYZ[\وH[XYX[XHۈX\[YZ[Y\&BXX[ۜ\ۙ^Hܛ H[][Y\[[Y\XH܈H[۝Y\^HX[Y[Y[\Y \›XYHYHX[\H]HݙH][[[[HYZ[Y\[[Y\[[\\\[Hܛ ']^H\\]SUKHۙ]H[YYH\N]\H[\\X\Y[]\]H[]Z]HX[8%\]B\[܋'H8'H[HH\HXX[X\\\YܙBH][ܚ^\Y[H]Y[\]ۈ[\[^\Y[Hx&[]\ܙ][ۙH]BLMX\HKH\]\[H]ۈH[Y\ۙ][[܂Y\ˈH[[H\B\[\H[HY\]\K\[\š][H[H\[[Z[\'BYH\HY[]SUB'H]HY[HY[X\وHSUB[HY]H[\ܛYY][B]H\]][ۈ[YܛY B[YH[HY]H\HݙB[[[Y][HHܙX]^HYY][H\[Hۂ^H\KHݙY[B\]][ۜ[[[Y]HوBYX\][H[ L[ L˸'B]\H[\[¸'YH^X][ۋ^H[[۝X[Y[\ܙX]H[Y]YYKY\ܘYX][HSUKH]\Yܚ܈\ۙ^H]H[[[\ܝ X\ۙYH\[X\[[ ۙHوHY\][]H\[Y\[Hܛ KH[Bܚ[[XܙX][ۈ[[Z[Z[Y[Y\\X\۝\˜[ۘY\K]\Y[HܙX]^\Y[H[H[H[ܝ\HYX\ZXY[HHY[B^H[][ۛYHوB][]H[\\H[\K'B[H]H[H\܈[X[Y[¸'Y[x&\H[\\Y[][]H[\\K[܈\\H\]\\ۈ\XوB[\K\HX[Y[[Y[][H[Y][HY\ܘYX][ۂ[[܈H]\H\Y\\™[\Y\[YH[H]H[\B^\Y[KH\H[][ž[\X[Y[Y[[\[ X\][[H[\H^K'H[^H]^H\܈XZ[H[وY[YH\Z[][Y[]\][[H][KH\\&HZ\\H[x&[HXHœYۈ\܈\Hܝ[]Y\ˈ][BH^HXZHY[[^\Y[BH\]وZ[HY[ '