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BA/BA (Hons) Business Management Business management is the study of the nature and functions of businesses. A degree in business management at QMU examines key approaches that businesses can take to ensure that scarce resources are managed in the most efficient and effective manner possible to ensure optimum resource allocation. Our business management degrees are centred on the need for businesses and organisations to be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. We offer a number of business management options at QMU. You can either study a generic business management degree or add an enterprise, finance or marketing dimension to focus on a specialised area of business management. It has never been more important for organisations to employ highly qualified staff with good management skills, as well as sound professional expertise in the field. Our business management options will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills that you need to survive and succeed in contemporary business environments — whether it be in the private, public or voluntary sectors. Providing a broad management base, our course produces employment-ready graduates with a wide business knowledge who can lead and manage organisations in a turbulent environment. All students will enrol on the broad business management degree for Years One and Two. These first two years provide students with a strong foundation in core business management There is a growing demand for graduates who have a strong foundation in business management, combined with relevant practical experience. As such, a key feature of our business management routes is the focus on employability and experiential learning. areas such as: marketing, economics, finance, human resource management, entrepreneurship, digital business and law. In Years Three and Four, you will then be able to decide which of the four named routes which you wish to specialise in. You can choose to study a broad business management degree or focus on one particular area such as enterprise, finance or marketing. This will allow you to exit at the end of Year Four with a specialist award, for example in Business Management with Enterprise. The course has been designed to enable students to develop a range of employability skills which are highly sought after by employers, such as negotiation, project management, problem solving and team working. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for experiential learning throughout the course through placements, guest speakers from the business world, field trips, business projects and developing a business plan, which allow students to apply their learning in a relevant business context. You will also have the opportunity in Years Two or Three to study for one semester at a university overseas in North America, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, New Zealand or Australia. Graduates of all routes will have a broad knowledge base of business management and be able to operate successfully in the modern business world. The tailored routes will enable graduates to focus on a range of specific career related professional pathways in enterprise, finance or marketing. 102 Structure You can opt to study for an honours degree over four years or an ordinary degree over three years. You will complete a range of modules each year as outlined. Teaching, learning and assessment Please see the course entry on our website (see URL on opposite page) for full details of the learning, teaching and assessment activities for this course. Also check out the ‘How we teach and how you’ll learn’ section on pages 8-11. Year One modules Introduction to Marketing/ Introduction to Economics/ Introduction to Business in Society/ Introduction to Finance and Accounting/ Managing in Challenging Environments /Entrepreneurship Year Two modules Operations Management/ Business Law/ Live Business Event/ Human Resource Management/ Digital Business and E-Commerce Management/ Negotiation Years Three and Four The modules which you undertake in Years Three and Four will differ according to your chosen route.