QMU-Undergraduate-Prospectus- UG Prospectus 2019 - Page 102

levels, to continue to develop the sector. The hospitality and tourism industry is a global one and a QMU international hospitality and tourism management (IHTM) degree opens doors for our students across the world. QMU has delivered aspects of hospitality and tourism education for some 140 years, and has an excellent reputation with employers across the world. Our international hospitality and tourism degree will not only arm you with a vast array of industry knowledge, it is also designed to give you as much exposure to the reality of the industry as possible. The course is truly international; students hail from across the globe and we have links with many different hospitality and tourism organisations worldwide. Learning alongside a range of nationalities will enhance your learning and development, and our links will allow you to meet key players in the industry and open up a range of placement opportunities. The IHTM teaching team maintain that our degree prepares you for an outstanding career in management be that in either hospitality or tourism, and our graduate employment record supports this belief. Our staff have strong connections to organisations such as the Institute of Hospitality, the Tourism Society, the Scottish Tourism Alliance, the Hospitality Industry Trust and many more. These connections offer opportunities to attend conferences, workshops and even apply for scholarships to spend time abroad in Switzerland, at Disney, or at one of many other exciting locations, all connected to your learning. The IHTM degree has a wide range of industry supported scholarships and awards which we consider to be a strong endorsement by industry of our degree. Our approach to learning and teaching Our degrees are modular. In Years One and Two, core modules on each degree will give you a grounding in your chosen area. As you progress, you will begin to learn more about your particular area. For Business Management and Events Management you have the opportunity to select modules which you have a particular interest in in the later years of the degree. This may give you the opportunity to steer your future career in a particular way. You w [[Y]HH\Y]HوXX[›Y][Y[X\\[Z[\ŒL [ܚ[Y[\ˈ\\\[YHܚXH^\Y[B[Y[[[[Y]H[\^HوY\XZ\ˈY[ۈBRH\H[[HXX[\[ۜ˜]H\Y[\[ܙ\ܚXBY[\[Y[\]ۂ\H\[\\]B^\XYو][]H[\\Bܙ[\][ۜ˂\\Y[Y][\H[[YH^[Z[][ۜܚ][\ܝ\^\\[][ۜ[Y\\\Y[ \\\Y[Y]š[YHܛX]]H[[[X]]B\ۙ[Y[XZ]HX\BYYXۈܙ\XYH[[\B][[ܛH[[\\Y[\]ܚ˂\YX[H[]H^\Y[Hقܚ[[H[\H[Y[\BX\[XY[ZX\[Y\[Z\XX[[\X\[][ [\H\^[Y[H\ܝ]Hو\\\[Y[[[Y]BX\[Y\X\\HH[HقX][ۙ\[\][ٙ\ܜ˂Z[[۝X[]ܚ\^H™Z[[[[\[[وH[\B[X\[ܚ^\Y[H[[\[ۈܘYX][ۋ