QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 92

Terms and conditions • The change operates for the benefit of the students on the course; • The change is required due to circumstances outside the control of the University and • It is necessary to ensure that the programmes continue to align with the University’s aims, strategy and mission. If you intend to apply for a place at QMU, you must read the following Terms and Conditions and ensure that you understand them. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the contract you will enter into with QMU should you be offered and accept a place with us. 1.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this prospectus is accurate at the time of publication (September 2018). The University will use all reasonable endeavours to provide programmes of study listed in the prospectus and to deliver them in accordance with the descriptions of programmes set out. However, as the University is committed to ensuring that programmes remain up to date and relevant, it reserves the right to discontinue, merge or combine programmes and to make variations to the content or method of delivery of programmes, if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University. This, combined with the need to publish the prospectus well in advance, means that changes to the information presented in the prospectus may have occurred. Intending applicants are advised to visit the University website www.qmu.ac. uk/study-here/courses-a-z or contact admissions@qmu.ac.uk before applying. The content curriculum of a course may change for a number of reasons, including that: • The change is required to ensure that the course continues to deliver its key learning outcomes and the content of the course is responsive to changes and developments in the areas covered by the course; • For courses leading to professional qualifications, accreditation or registration, the changes are required to continue to satisfy pre-requisites of a particular professional or regulatory body responsible for awarding such qualification, accreditation or registration; • The change is not a material change to the content or curriculum; Remedies for students impacted by any such change may include, but are not limited to, provision of alternative course modules or courses, or the option to transfer to another course at the University. It may be desirable or necessary to withdraw certain programmes from the University’s portfolio of provision as a result of a number of factors including changes in patterns of demand from prospective students, changes in staffing, a strategic realignment of the University’s portfolio or a major organisational change. The University will use its best endeavours to consult meaningfully with students who would be affected by any such change in order to assess any impact on students and mitigate any disruption arising from the change and to identify appropriate alternative arrangements. Arrangements to support the academic interests of existing students impacted by any programme withdrawal will be put in place. In all cases, the University will make every effort to advise students at the earliest possible opportunity of any changes to the course content or curriculum that may impact upon them. 2. In the event of external factors, such as industrial action, the University undertakes to minimise any disruption that may subsequently arise, as far as is practicable. 3. An offer of a place at the University is made on the understanding that, in