QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 9

Other accolades 1. We are a socially responsible university. We have won numerous ‘green’ awards, received recognition for our environmental credentials, and built sustainability into the curriculum. We have signed the ‘See Me’ pledge to help eliminate discrimination against people with mental ill health and promote mental wellbeing more generally. 2. In 2018, the University renewed its Athena SWAN Institutional Bronze Award (originally awarded in 2013) demonstating our commitment to the principles of the Athena SWAN Charter and to equality and diversity across our workforce. agencies. This practice reflects modern working methods and helps to shape the knowledge you gain while studying at QMU. 3. QMU was one of the first 10 UK Research and knowledge exchange – making an impact universities to be externally evaluated and retain the HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commission. The Award demonstrates a university’s commitment to improving its research culture and support for research staff, which will in turn improve the quantity, quality and impact of research, for the benefit of UK society and the economy. Our researchers lead the way in research that cuts across the major prioriti ́)Mѱ́ݕ́ɕѼ)̸ݥѠѡѕ͕ѥ)ѠͽձɅ)䰁ȁݽɬՕ́Ց)ͽɕɔͥ䰁)ͽѥյȁͥаͥ)ѥ٥䰁Չɕѥ̰)ɥ͍̰́Ё)ɕ͕ȁ́ፕ)ѕɹѥ䁉Ёͼ́ɕ)Ѽٕ呅䁱Mѱ役(и]ɕѱݽѡѽɝ) ȁ ɍa%مѥ) ͥϊd݅ɐЁ)Ё䁩Ց́ͥ)E5Tȁ́مѥٔͥ)ѹ͡Ёݽɬ)=ȁ́Ѽչхͽ䁅)ѼЁ)ѕɹѥѥٕѼѡ)Չѕɹх쁅Ѽ)ͥЁɥѥ́Ѽ)ٕиE5Tхɔ)ѕѼեѡ٥͔)ȁ䁅ѕȵɽͥɅѥ)ѡɽ՝ѕɑ͍ɕ͕ɍ)ͽɕمЁݱ፡)QمՔȁѕȵ͍ݽɬ)ɕ䁥́Ёѡͽ)͕ձ̰Ʌѥ䁅䁽)́э̸(Ը]ɕѱݽѡѽɝ) ȁ ɍa%مѥ) ͥϊd݅ɐЁ)Ё䁩Ց́ͥ)E5Tȁ́مѥٔͥ)ѹ͡Ёݽɬ(ظ]ɅѽaAЃ`ˊdMѥ͠)չٕͥ䁥ѡ єUٕͥե(一aAЃ`ˊdɕѕ́Ѽѥѥ)չٕͥхѕ́ͥȤ)E5Wéɕ͕ɍݽɬ́ɕ)Ʌѕɕ͕ɍɕ́ѡЁɅ܁)ѡɕ͕ɍɕѡ́ȁ)٥̸ͥ(