QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 79

• • waiting list: on occasion, a course is in high demand and may become fully subscribed. In this situation we may operate a waiting list and allocate places that susequently become available. unsuccessful: we are unable to make you an offer for your chosen course. Please note we are not able to provide detailed feedback to applicants for courses that receive a high volume of applications. Continual Professional Development (CPD) applications The application process for CPD courses will vary depending on the course you are applying for. For details of how to apply for our range of short courses, please see the individual CPD course page on our website. Some CPD courses are offered as single (associate) modules as part of the full degree course. If you wish to apply for a single module select ‘Apply for this course’ on the webpage for the full degree course. You will then have the opportunity to apply for an associate module and you can specify the module that you wish to study as part of your application. For some short courses/single module applications you may not need to supply as much information as for full degree programmes. However, this will depend on the module, so please supply as much information as you [\\و[\[]X[\X][ۋ\\Y[و[܈^\Y[X[X\[•H\HXHٙ\\\Y[و[܂^\Y[X[X\[YH\X[\HYZ[^\[ۘ[[H[ٙ\YXHۈHX[ۈ\]Z\Y˜]YY[[\^\Y[K\[[HH\][Hܝ[قܚ[\YۛY[ XH[] \\[ܛX][ۈ\]Z[XHBܘ[[YHXY\˂ܙY]X[][][ۂY[Y\\Y܈HX\\&\YܙYBX^H^][\\][]\]ܘYX]H\YX]H܈ܘYX]B\XH][ \\Y\[H˜\\\YۙYۈH[[\\\˜[\Hܙ\[ۈ\HܙY]X[][][ۋ\HHܘYX]B\YX]H\Y[[Y]Y[H\Z[XX H]\[BHܘYX]H\YX]H[Y\YX][ۋܚ[Z[[۝X[ۜ[\X[\H\Y\Bܚ[Z[[۝X[ۜ[YYX\H[\Hو\Y[ˈ\X[™܈\Z[\\وYH]\X\B[ܚ[Z[[۝X[ۜ[[\B\\HZX[]][ۈوٙ[\XNM\\K\X[܈YH\\[B\]Z\YݚYHH]\٘XܞHܚ[Z[[XܙXHH\\B[X[[\XHܛ\ŠH[YH\\وH\X][ۂ\ˈ\X[]H]Y›]YHHR[[H\]Z\YœݚYHHYZ\[ۜٙXH]B]\٘XܞHXHXHZ\YB[KY[H]H[H]Y\[ۜ܈ۘ\œY\[ܚ[Z[[۝X[ۜX\B۝XHXYوYZ\[ۜ[XܝZ]Y[ SԑHS΂X\HYHHYZ\[ۜXHۈ\X]H]˜[]KX˝ZX] ]KB[]\]K]X[]K[Z]Y\\Y[][ۜBXY\X[ \Y\\ܙY[][ۜBXY\X[ \Y\\‘NYZ\[ۜ[]KX˝Z