QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 68

Person-Centred Practice and Post-Registration Nursing The postgraduate portfolio which includes the MSc Person-Centred Practice Framework reflects the burgeoning focus on person- centredness set within the contemporary context of health and social care integration and the health and wellbeing agenda. This reflects professional and service needs, as identified by the relevant professional bodies, other stakeholders and policy drivers. The framework offers practitioners from different contexts the opportunity to develop their studies and to enhance their knowledge and expertise of person-centred practice through a flexible structure, designed to meet their needs and those of the wider community. We live and work in a multi-professional and multi-faceted health and social care environment. The need to be cognisant and masterful in dealing with the concepts of research, enquiry, abstraction and unpredictability has seldom been so important. The challenge of promoting person- centredness in such an environment requires skilled and talented practitioners who can operate in advanced clinical, educational, managerial and research- based roles. reputation as a major contributor to practice development on an international basis. Students on our master’s courses also reap the benefits of learning with students from other cultures. As a postgraduate student, the opportunities to gain invaluable experience through applying your learning directly to your workplace allow you to contribute to the modernisation of healthcare and nursing globally. QMU is a leading provider of master’s level studies in Scotland. We offer a MSc Person-centred Practice Framework which incorporates the: • MSc Person-Centred Practice); • MSc/PgDip/PgCert Person- Centred Practice (Public Health and Wellbeing); • MSc/PgDip/PgCert Person- Centred Practice (Mental Health and Wellbeing); • MSc/ PgDip/PgCert Person- Centred Practice (Palliative Care) (in partnership with St Columba’s Hospice); • PgDip Person-Centred Practice (District Nursing); • PgDip Person-Centred Practice (Health Visiting) and Why QMU? The team at QMU is working at national and international level to develop the role and reputation of nursing and healthcare throughout the world. With collaborations in many countries across the globe, QMU has developed a • PgDip Person-Centred Practice (School Nursing). We also contribute to the core modules for the MSc Professional and Higher Education (see page 54) which gives recording of teacher qualifications with 66 the Nursing and Midwifery Council. These courses focus on the application of knowledge to practice through offering sound work-based elements which are clinically focused and practice orientated to ensure participants can maximise and focus their learning in their own specialist areas. We also offer the MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a new PgCert Mental Health and Wellbeing. All of our modules can be taken as stand-alone CPD modules, where you register as an associate student to study single modules as CPD that can be packaged to offer you either a degree top-up or graduate certificate award. For more information on our CPD courses, please see visit www.qmu.ac.uk/ study-here/continuing-professional- development-cpd-courses/ We have close links with the healthcare industry in Scotland, across the UK and internationally. Our internal experts have many years of experience in education, practice research and policy. They ensure that there is a real focus on the individual student’s future working needs embedded into the postgraduate study. Industry links By maintaining very close links with the healthcare industry, we ensure that our courses are current and relevant. The linking of your experiences as a nurse with academic study allows for the development of an understanding of the