QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 56

experts in child development, welfare and wellbeing; and, of course, enjoys our heritage in food-related subjects. Our Home Economics course draws on our broad-ranging expertise in food-related subjects. We offer a range of undergraduate degrees in this area along with the UK’s first master’s degree in Gastronomy. In addition, we are home to the Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation, through which we are helping SMEs and national organisations with food-related research and development. Education In additon to the Home Economics course we also offer two long-established education courses: • The PgCert Collaborative Working: Education and Therapy is available fully online or face to face at QMU with additional online learning. This course will equip you to support children or young people with additional support needs/special educational needs to access the curriculum and participate in school life, through enhanced collaborative working. Interdisciplinary in approach, this course is aimed at both education and allied health professionals who work with children and young people. • The MSc/PgDip/e-PgCert Professional and Higher Education is for people who teach and support learning in higher education, for example nurses and midwives, allied health professionals, social workers, doctors, lecturers in any discipline and professional services staff (eg university librarians). The e-PgCert is delivered fully online, with some attendance at QMU required for the PgDip/MSc. At QMU, we have a history of educating teachers dating back to the Victorian era. We offer three postgraduate courses in the area of education: • PGDE Secondary (Home Economics)* • PgCert Collaborative Working: Education and Therapy Why QMU? • MSc/ PgDip/e-PgCert Professional and Higher Education All our education courses are forward-thinking and focused on the needs of today’s educators. Each offers a critical approach to working with the learning and teaching in today’s communities and, in a variety of stimulating ways explore the interface of social justice; wellbeing; learning and creativity. For many decades, QMU was renowned internationally for the training of domestic science teachers. We return to our roots when we launch our new PGDE Secondary (Home Economics) in August 2019. This one-year course addresses a skills shortage relating to home economics within our secondary schools. The course will educate aspiring teachers, preparing them to fill vital posts in secondary schools and positively influence young people’s knowledge and skills relating to food, nutrition, health and lifestyle. As a university, we focus on providing the optimum balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. We aspire to instil the value of achieving that balance in the students who study education with us, encouraging a researcher-practitioner model of educator - one who is curious; open to challenge and community and re 6V&6VvvVB266W7F6R26VG&F^( 2֗76F2fVR2&@v&VBFW"&6FVGV6FBW"6VG`7GVFVG27FfbBV26&7FW&6VB'VRvv@FR&V&7F6FffW&V6RFRv&BFFW"'FfƖbVGV6F6W'6W22'VBf&ЦfVFFb6666V6RB2vV2FRtDRg&У#vRffW"VFW&w&GVFR6W'6Rf"7&r&'66FV6W'3$2FVw&VRVGV6F7GVFW0&'F2FVw&VR6ffW'2&WFRf"VRv&PFW&W7FVBv&r"&R&VGv&rGVBVGV6F6WGFw2FR6VG"fW'6V2VF&&V7G2खGW7G'Ɩ0vR6FVBFRFf6b76w66w`VGV6FW"tDR6V6F'RV6֖72B$2FVw&VRVGV6F7GVFW2&'6G&w2WW'B6vG2g&W"6VG&Rf"6FV֖2&7F6S6&W0W"6rbVffV7FfR6&&FfRv&r&WGvVVƖVBVF&fW762BVGV6F'36&&FW2vFW 66GF6"UR7GVFVG2W"RV6֖726W'6Rv&RwV&FVVB"f"RV"66GF666fvpw&GVF2'BbFRvVW&FV6r6V6f 66FBuD52FV6W"GV7F66VRgFW"w&GVFr6FFFW2&Vv7FW"vFFRuD52f"&f6&Vv7G&FS@