QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 51

• MSc Podiatry • MSc Theory of Podiatry Surgery (in conjunction with Glasgow Caledonian University) experience and expertise in their discipline and in health. Additionally, many staff members are active in research. A number of staff are active in professional and policy matters at both a local and national level and some staff are also practising clinicians. Students Entry requirements Students are at the core of our priorities and we aim to enrich the learning, teaching and the overall academic experience for them. We appreciate that postgraduate students come to us with a whole host of skills, experiences and knowledge that they have acquired from a previous undergraduate degree or work experience. We anticipate students will draw on this to enhance both their own learning and that of fellow students. The student is placed at the centre of the learning process and with guidance and the use of learning contracts is expected to take overall responsibility for their learning. These strategies will emphasise the development of critical, innovative and creative ways of thinking. Pre-Registration courses • MSc Radiotherapy We attract students from across the globe, which facilitates wide-ranging discussion of health-related issues. Our courses are reviewed regularly and staff ensure that they take cognisance of developments in practice and UK and wider healthcare policies to ensure that courses are fit for purpose. All students have the opportunity to undertake an independent piece of research, with staff supervision, as the culmination of their studies. Pre- Registration students typically select a laboratory-based or clinically based study that often fits the research programme of a member of staff. Post-Registration students typically develop a study pertinent to their own clinical practice and work setting. A number of our students have gone on to present their dissertation work at national and international conferences YHXZܚ]HوSUHY\HY\\Y]HX[[\Hٙ\[ۜ[[[H\XYY\\BY\\Y]Y[YXY\[[HY[H]\[ۈ]H^[]Bܚ[Z[[XܙXΈH]\٘XܞBܚ[Z[[XܙX[H\]Z\Y \X][ۈXY[N H[X\BT\[\\H KBY\][ۊB[]\N YX\[ ][YBTXYۛXY[ܘ\BKTY\][ۊB[]\N YX\[ ][YBXۙ\ۛ\YܙYH܈XݙB[[H\\[KH[[ZH[\X[]HYHY[™^\Y[H[H[X[[\ۛY[ \\H\Z]XH܈B[XYH[HXYۛXY[ܘ\B܈YYX[]X[YX][ۋܝ\Y\X[[H[]Y܈[[\Y]˂[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS H][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ Xۙ\YܙYH[[HXX[[[[ۜ]HۛYHوY[YX™[]Z\K\\H\Z]XH܂H[XYH[H\[\\B]X[YX][ۋ\X[Hܝ[Y\XH[ܛX[HH^XYš]HXY]YHZ[[][HB\]Z][[ H[Z\[\ܘYX]BYܙYK[][^\Y[H\\[X[X\Y[[Y\[܂\][H[X [\ۛY[\\XJK[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS ˌ][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ Kܚ[Z[[XܙXΈH]\٘XܞBܚ[Z[[XܙX[H\]Z\Y ܚ[Z[[XܙXH]\٘XܞHܚ[Z[[XܙX[H\]Z\Y \X][ۈXY[NXY[HܛX[BX[X\܈[X\KYHH\B[Hۈ\X]H܈]Z[˂\X][ۈXY[N H[K\˜\H\YH\]]]H][Z]YX\ˈHY\H\X[\BX\HHۜY\Y T\Y[\\H[ۘH KTY\][ۊBTY]]X KTY\][ۊHܛX[HHY[H܈X[ \[]Yۛ\YܙYK\\H\Z]XH܈\X[[XYH[B]X[YX][ۈ[\\]]XY[ܘ\K[]\NT H HYX\ L[۝[ ][YB\ H HYX\ [۝[ ][YBHۛ\YܙYH ܛX[H[\\Xۙ\܈XݙJH][Y\YۚYX[[\\\ۈ[X[\[H[[[Z\K[\X][ۈ[[\]H[[\[[وH[[]X]\œ\]Z\Yܚ\HY]]X[[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS ˌ][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ KB[]\N YX\[ ][YB[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS H][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ [\Y]Έ\X[\H^XY˜][[[\Y]]SUK[\Y][ZHXHۈ]]\ܛX[B]Y[XX\H[[K[\X[\H^XY[\ZHB\]HY[\\H\\Y[[܂H[\Y]