QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 47

As our staff are engaged in both research excellence and the dynamic world of business, our students benefit from the latest developments in the field and can use practical and academic expertise to develop their learning and careers. Our approach to teaching and learning All of our courses are modular and we offer full-time and part-time options. It is also possible to study some individual modules for CPD purposes. We facilitate visits to external organisations and allow you to enjoy a true teamwork experience with your peers. The learning and teaching experience at QMU is unlike that offered by most business schools in that we want to ensure that your experience is not only student-centred, but is also focused on you as an individual. One example of this is our replacement of the conventional dissertation with a ‘hands on’ project. This means that you will work with either a commercial business, or a community, voluntary or social enterprise in order to use and develop your skills and knowledge. Through the process and personal journey of taking a project from idea through execution and evaluation, you will build up practical experience and develop opportunities to enhance your employability. Industry links We work continually with a wide range of business organisations and public services, as well as the third sector, individual business leaders and industry experts, to develop our courses. This ensures that, along with in-depth theoretical underpinnings, the courses are rooted in relevance and industry practice. As your course progresses, you will hear from guest lecturers, participate in visits to a wide range of industries and organisations, and engage in a range of other networking opportunities with staff and industry experts. In recent years we have engaged with: Diageo; New Lanark Heritage Centre and Hotel; Nairns; AG Barr (Irn-Bru); Waldorff Astoria, Edinburgh; Glenkinchie Distillery; Henderson’s restaurants; Isle of Eriska Hotel; Scottish Ambulance Service; Turcan Connell; and Dakota hotels, to name but a few. International: Where your honours degree has not been studied in English, you will be required to provide evidence of English language competence at no less than IELTS 6.5 with no individual component score less than 6.0. Career prospects Our postgraduate courses are designed to enhance your career prospects by opening up a wide range of global opportunities. Our graduates take with them enhanced employability and confidence, whether they obtain a position with a multinational organisation, work within the public sector, create their own business, gain employment in the third sector or go on to further s YY\˂[H\]Z\[Y[“T[\][ۘ[X[Y[Y[[XY\\\T\\YۙY܈ܘYX]\܂^\Y[Yٙ\[ۘ[H[B\\[KY[ܛX[H]H[ۛ\YܙYH܈\]Z][[ [Y][ۋH[[YH\X][ۜ™HX[ܘYX]\][ܙ[\BYܙYH[H\[\[]Y\XH܂H[H\[ق YܘYX][ۈܚ^\Y[K[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS H][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ XܙY]][ۈو[܈X\[–[HX^HHܘ[Y^[\[ۈBYZ[H[[H܈[[\\BX^[][Hو ܙY][ݚYY[H[[[ۜ]HX\ٝ[XY][Y[و[HX\[›]Y\˂T[[B\X[[]HHRۛ\™YܙYH܈[ݙ\X\]X[YX][ۈو[\]Z][[[\ H[[YB\X[][ܙ[\HYܙYH˜[H\[و[][ BܘYX][ۈܚ^\Y[H܈Y][ۘ[\X[]Y\˂ BXܙY]][ۈو[܈X\[΂[HX^HHܘ[Y^[\[ۈBYZ[H[[H܈[[\\BX^[][Hو ܙY][ݚYY[H[[[ۜ]HX\ٝ[XY][Y[و[HX\[›]Y\˂T[\][ۘ[X\][HRۛ\YܙYH܈\]Z][[Ԃ[][ܚ^\Y[H[X\][܂[YY[[ۜ˂[\][ۘ[\H[\ۛ\™YܙYH\Y[YYY[[\ [H[H\]Z\YݚYH]Y[Bو[\[XYH\][H]›\[QS H][]YX[\ۙ[ܙH\[ XܙY]][ۈو[܈X\[Έ[HX^BHܘ[Y^[\[ۈHYZ[B[[H܈[[\\HX^[][HقܙY][ݚYY[H[[[ۜ]HX\ٝ[XY][Y[ق[HX\[]Y\˂[\H[ܛX][ۂ[HX\Yۈ\X]H]˜[]KX˂ZYKZ\K\KXKBX\ܘYX]