QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 32

City of Edinburgh, coast and countryside Edinburgh and the surrounding area is an ideal location for your student years. As a student at QMU you will have easy access to Scotland’s beautiful and vibrant capital city, Edinburgh, and also the stunning coast and countryside surrounding the campus. Edinburgh Situated in the central belt of Scotland, south of the Firth of Forth Estuary, Edinburgh is easily accessible from all areas of the UK and beyond. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and continues to rank high in opinion polls – see page 33. It is a top tourist destination, particularly in the summer months when the city comes alive and plays host to the acclaimed Edinburgh Festivals. The Fringe Festival is particularly enjoyed by students in the city who embrace the month-long spectacle of comedy, music, drama and art. Late December is also a popular time for visitors to ‘Auld Reekie’ as they come to experience a Scottish New Year at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations — now one of the world’s biggest outdoor parties! With four universities and a large further education college, the city is highly populated by students and is very student friendly. Much of the culture and activity of the city is focused around student life, with students able to share some facilities — such as student unions and libraries — that each institution has to offer. Part-time job opportunities and graduate job opportunities are excellent and many students choose to remain in Edinburgh or the local area during holidays and after graduating. Edinburgh is atmospheric and vibrant, with all you’d expect from a capital city: packed with shops, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, pubs, clubs, museums, tourist attractions, landmarks, art galleries, concert venues, parks and sports facilities. The city is home to Edinburgh Castle. Dating back to the 12th century, the spectacular landmark sits in the city centre on the top of a dormant volcano. Queen Margaret University is named after Queen (Saint) Margaret who died in 1093 at Edinburgh Castle. There, St Margaret’s Chapel was built in her memory by her son, King David I, in the 12th century. It is now thought to be the oldest building in Edinburgh. If you are seeking culture or history, visit some of the major attractions including Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile, the Whisky Heritage Centre, Royal Observatory and the Scottish Parliament. Edinburgh is also home to various art galleries and museums, all of which are well worth a visit. The campus local area The QMU campus is located to the east of Edinburgh city centre by the coastal town of Musselburgh, in the county of East Lothian. Musselburgh has a population of around 22,000 and offers a theatre, sports centre with swi ֖p7WW&&WG2B62&6V6W'6Rvb6W'6W2&&W"@3&V6&W7FW&G2B&'2V&Ɩ0Ɩ'&'BV6VgV&fW'6FRFP6W22ǒ6'BvƲ"'W2&FPg&f'B&B&vRWFF 6r6WffW&rv7G&VW@67F&W2&W7FW&G2BVFW6VFW&R&R66WfW&7WW&&WG2FRVFFRf6GV7BF2&VWFgV6VGvFfW"C֖W2b7GVr67FƖRvFV&V6W2&Ɩr6VG'6FR7F&26FW2v&BvrGG&7F2W6VVBfBBG&BFRv&N( 0fW7BƖ2vb6W'6W2V7BFV2FR7VW7B6ƖFR66FBw&VB6&GV6R7V7F7V"GW&&VWGBV"&VB&V7&VF'GVFW26VFr76ƖrvƶrvfrBvFW'7'G26BVFFRvFW"v&@G&7'BƖ2FVF'W&v&RW6VV@( 2R6V6ǒVB'FF7VBvVVVB6r"vƶrR&PǒCR֖WFW2g&v6vr"fW W'2g&F'G&FR6G6VG&RFR'W26W'f6W2&RWFV6fR&fFrg&WVVBƖ2B&VBFP6G"Ɩ2&R6fVVB@vFW7&VB( 2BFW2W7BfW"W"FvWBF&2GV&Ɩ"7FW&FP66V6WBv6FW7FF2P6fǒFg&VF'W&v''BBwwrVF'W&v''B6fƖvG2FW7FF2B&ƖW2f"gW'FW"f&FvWGFrF6W26VFrf&F&r6VRvW2BӓR