QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 27

“Edinburgh is a hub of all the best things to do, see and enjoy, in a city with some of the world’s best universities - so it was an easy choice for me.” Mario Previsic MSc Strategic Communication and Public Relations (from Switzerland) QMU’s Careers and Employability Service is open to all students and provides help and advice about employment opportunities in Edinburgh. This includes assistance in obtaining a UK National Insurance number which you will need in order to work and pay tax in the UK. For more information on the Careers and Employability Service, see pages 18-19 or visit our website at www.qmu.ac.uk/ campus-life/careers-and-employability/ Scholarships A number of scholarships are available to self-funding international students for postgraduate study. Scholarships are valued between £3,000 and £8,000 and are discounted from your cours HY\˂[ܛX][ۈX]\H܈ۙHق\H\\\]Z[XHۈY\Ž N ܈ۈ\X]H]˜[]KX˝ZYKZ\KٙY\X[ Y[[œ\\Y܋[]\Y[“YYX[\X\۝[\][ۈBYYX[[][X]Y[\B\[H]Z[XH[\H][ۘ[X[\XH H[\][ۘ[Y[[[ ۋQ]\X[XۛZX\XH QPJH][ۘ[˜\HYHHRYH܂[ܙH[^[۝X^HH\]Z\Yœ^H[[[ZYܘ][ۈX[\\K\\[ܛX][ۈX]H[[ZYܘ][ۂX[\\H[H[]˂݋ZX[\KZ[[ZYܘ][ۋB\X][ۈH]HHHۈ[\\X\›[[Y[[Yو[Z]˜[[Z[][ۜ\H܈^Y\[]ZY]۝[\][ۋY[\X\•H[]\]Hٙ\H[Hو\X\˜[\ܝY[ۈ\Y\œ[]Y\Y\\X[]KX[[[[\\[H[H[H\BYZ[ˈYHY\ L܈\]\X]H]˜[]KX˝ZYKZ\KœY[ \\X\܈\\[ܛX][ۂۈH[[Hو\X\]Z[XKB][[Y[\Y[\\[\X\Y[\][ۘ[[H]H\]][ۈ܈XY[ZX™^[[H]]XY[H[ݙ\Hܛ][]][ۜˈX[[\K\ܞH[\]X\[[\Y[\\[YX[][ۂ[X[[\Y[YX\˂]H][X[\[[][ۋH]B\\\XX[\[X\وܜ\܈X[H[Y[ۜ˂Y[\\[ۛXYHZ\Y[Z[\XZ܈]Y\][HRš[Y[X\Y[\ۙۋX[\\[\Z[[K[\][ۘ[K[\\[K\\[[ٝ\\H\ݙ\[\]^HBZ\]\XY[HTKܝ^KX]\\^KPQK[H[X[H\\[][ۜ]Z[XH