QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 23

Commenting on her internship with GSK Katie said: “I was delighted to be given this opportunity as it opened exciting new doors. I learnt so much! Not only were GSK incredibly supportive in my learning and development, but the Saltire team also ensured that I had access to external networking opportunities, which will be invaluable for the future. I would definitely encourage other QMU students to apply for the Scholarship.” For more information on the Saltire Scholar Internship Programme, visit www.entrepreneurialscotland.com/ saltire-scholar-internship-programme Santander Universities Scholarships Santander Universities provides a range of outstanding opportunities for QMU students through a variety of scholarships, bursaries and awards. These include generous scholarships for new and existing students, awards for overseas research or student opportunities, and grants for community projects involving students. For further information about Santander Opportunities, please see our website at www.qmu.ac.uk/alumni-and- friends/funding-opportunities-for-current- students Santander Universities Internships Through the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme, QMU offers a variety of paid internships with SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) from across a wide range of sectors. These internships give our students and graduates the chance to secure valuable workplace experience, gain insight into the relevant industries, put theoretical knowledge into practice and work on real-live projects and build professional networks. For further information about Santander Internships, please see opportunities for students and graduates on our w X]H]˜[]KX˝Z˜[[[KX[ YY[ٝ[[[ܝ[]Y\B܋X\[ \Y[•]\Y[\H۝[Z[Z\\ۘ[][Y[ Z[[ۈZ\ۛYH܈^[[Z\ܚ^ۜHY[][Y[[[[HZHY[YHوH[\]YBܝ[]KH[\\YۙYœ\ܝۛHHڙX[]X]]\[X]]Y\X[\[]]Y][ۘ[[[X[\ܝ HY[][Y[[\[8&ܝ[]Y\™[8&H\ܝYHۘ][ۜHSUBܘYX]\Y[Y[ˈH[[[Y[XZHH[وZ\[YB]SUK[Y[\H[YXH\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈHY[][Y[[ \]\X]H]˜[]KX˝Z[[[KX[ YY[™[[[ܝ[]Y\Y܋X\[ \Y[•\\\H[X[ۈوH\\›ܝ[]Y\]Z[XKHY[][Y[[ܘ[HSUx&\Y[][Y[[\H\YۙY\ܝXYXœY[ [YڙX[]X]]\[X]]Y\X]HH]]H[Y]܂HY[[ ܈H[]\]K