QMU-Postgraduate Prospectus QMU PG Mini Prospectus 2019 sp - Page 11

All of our courses aim to be professionally and socially relevant and are focused on developing and enhancing your skills and career options. Also, all QMU academic staff have close links with industry, professional bodies, governmental and non-governmental agencies. This ensures that we are listening and responsive to the needs of employers and that our teaching and your skills are up to date and relevant. Our course portfolio encompasses courses in three flagship areas: health & rehabilitation; sustainable business; and culture & creativity. In addition, we have also added Education to our coruse portfolio. Health & rehabilitation QMU provides a number of postgraduate course options associated with health and wellbeing. Together with courses in professions allied to medicine, we provide courses in therapy and support (art, music and play), the social sciences, and courses aimed at developing your career in the health sector. If you already hold an undergraduate qualification in one of the health professions, our range of post- registration master’s courses will allow you to specialise further in your chosen field, or to develop skills to enhance your career and clinical expertise. If you aim to change career, you could opt for a pre-registration master’s course. These provide the opportunity to gain professional registration in one of the allied health profession disciplines. Another option is to look at our Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD), which specialises in running courses that assess health issues affecting developing countries. Our Professional Doctorate will allow people working in the field of healthcare to obtain a doctoral qualification. Sustainable business The Queen Margaret Business School offers a variety of courses. If you have no prior business or management experience, or your previous studies were non-business related, consider the MSc International Management and Leadership. This will prepare you with the skills and knowledge required for a management and leadership career. The University also offers postgraduate degrees in gastronomy and new for 2019 entry we are offering an MSc Finance and an MSc International Marketing. Culture & creativity Our MA Arts, Festival and Cultural Management is designed as a conversion degree and we welcome applicants from non-business related subjects. It is suitable for both graduates who wish to add a vocational management emphasis to their first degree and those with professional qualifications or experience. It is likely to be of interest to those who studied the arts and humanities at undergraduate level, or those with significant workplace experience who would like to gain a formal qualification via a flexi H[BوYKY[H\][[YYXK[][X][ۜ[XX[][ۜ\\[SUKH\HBۛH\[]\]Hٙ\\\Y[]]HوXX[][ۜ TB]X[YX][ۜ][\ܘYX]H[ܘYX]H][[XXBTٙ\[ۘ[\XH[XX”[][ۜXX[\\XH [\[[][X][ۜXXJK[XX[\\XH XXYZ\”XXJKH[ٙ\[T]YX[][X][ۈ[XX[][ۜˈH\H[ٙ\[B]TYYXHX[Y[Y[[[TY][[\ZYۚ[[۝[ܙX][ۋ\\[[\\X\[’Y[H\H[\\Y[\Z[[\\X\[Hٙ\HX\\ق\X\ T\HXX^HHق[\\ܘYX]\[XK[K[H[YYXK\ܛZ[˜\[\[\ۜ[Y\YY\][[][]HX[Y[Y[ Y][ۘ[KܘYX]\[YYX[K[\[[[YYX[ٙ\[ۘ[\][Z\\X\[˜[ۛYHX^H[[\\Bو[\\ \X\\&\YܙYH\܂B[H\[\YHH\Y\[\X\[\H\\ۈBY\\H ^XHX\[[ۜ \ ][YH[ۛ[JB[H[YH[ ][YH܈[\ ][YHYK[H[H۝[YHܚHH]\XO]\[B\HZ[ZYH[\\YܙYB܈\H]\[YX][ۈY\Hۙ™\ SUH[[X]\ݚYB[[\ۛY[X\ܝ[\X\[˂X[HSUH\\[HYYY\ ][YH܈]H[[[Y[وۛ[BX\[ˈ\H\H\YۙY\ܘYB[\]X[YX][ۜ[[]]\ܝ\[[\ܚ[\Y\^B\X[HXYXY[ZX]\[ٙ\[ۘ[]X[YX][ۜˈYH[]YX[\HY\܈\\]Z[ˈX\B[YH[ܛX][ۈۈ[ۜ܈[YZ[[H[[\ۈY\ŒM LM˂][H[[[ܛX][ۈ[HYY\XܝZ]Y[[YZ\[ۜY\H\HݚYHYXHY[Y\وH\X][ۈ\ˈ۸&]\]]H۝X[HX][B\]Z\[Y[܈YXHۈ\K܈H][]YHHRSUx&\’[\][ۘ[ٙXH\[\\[ق۝X HX[H[ٙ\YXHX][\][ۘ[]X[YX][ۜ\[\Z[ܚ[\\[H[\[]YX[YYˈ[H[۝XHX[H][\][ۘ[[]KX˝Zˈ[\][ۘ[Y[ۜY\[YZ[]SUB[YHY\  H و\œX\\[\\][B[\][ۘ[Y[&HX[ۈو\X]K