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April 2018 |Issue 2 QUALITY ASSUR ANCE SUPPORT SERVICE NEWSLETTER Welcome to the Quality Assurance Newsletter for Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board Further Education and Training Division (LCETB). This issue of the newsletter includes - 1. LCETB Quality Assurance Support Service 2. Quality Assurance Governance Framework 3. Review of Assessment Templates 4. Updated QBS 5. Referencing Handbook 6. QASS Professional Development 7. Tobar RPL Project 8. QA Implementation and Working Groups 9. QQI Updates 1. LCETB QUALITY ASSURANCE SUPPORT SERVICE The QA Support Service provides regional QA support to LCETB centres, colleges and schools, while also offering development and management support for cross-centre LCETB Quality Assurance processes. LCETB QA Support Service may be contacted via email at QA@LCETB.IE 1