Q Sacramento Magazine VOL 4. ED 2 - Page 24

BY LUIS BARRERA You might know her from her gigs in San Francisco or if you’re a true fan you might remember her from her beginnings at the original Club 21 in Sacramento. Her stage name is Mahlae Balenciaga, but like a true diva she’s simply known as Mahlae. Her career began over ten years ago when she entered a drag competition at Club 21. Mahlae recalls having to sneak into the club as she was still under the aged. “Up until that point I would just dress up for Halloween” said Mahlae. She admitted to always wanting to be a performer and that doing drag seemed like a natural fit. “I attended a performing arts school and learned everything from acting to dancing. This was all made possible by a supportive family” added Mahlae. It was this foundation that made way for “Mahlae”, the performer. “My whole family is great, they come to my shows, they love it as much as I do” said Mahlae. The road to become one of Northern California’s most notable drag queen wasn’t always easy. “I’ve done it all. I even performed in someone’s living room. It was a paid gig and my sound system was a boom box” laughs Mahlae. She confesses to never turning down work and as a natural born performer, never misses an opportunity to entertain. Before becoming a full time entertainer, She worked at a call center and admits that she would still be there if she didn’t take the chance to follow her dream.