Q Sacramento Magazine VOL 4. ED 2 - Page 18

The Man Behind Sacramento Fashion Week DUANE RAM How did Sacramento Fashion Week Come about? Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) started as a mixer. It was just a way to connect with local designers, photographers and models. This was organized and produced by photographer Grace Ballesteros. I came on board as a model and also worked as her assistant. The event turned out to be a huge success. We quickly found out that there was a community of local talent that needed a platform to express themselves. However producing a full week was a challenge. We started small with one show and added a day every year. What do you envision for it for the future? Even though we just had out 8th year, SACFW is still a pretty small production compared to New York Fashion Week (NYFW). We can never be NYFW, but I will do my best to produce a presentation that showcases the talent well. Have any Models/Designers successfully used SACFW as a launching pad into a fashion career? There have been a few individuals that have been apart of our productions. Richard Hallmarq was one of our original designers in one of our first showcases. Recording artist Andy Allo who recently toured with Prince was one of our models. Andrey Ivanov went on to have a successful modeling career. I wouldn’t say we