Q Sacramento Magazine VOL 4. ED 2 - Page 14

Bad mtanshie? o ou of Fa c on R is Love EZ S MARTIN NG HUM FEATURI HOW DID YOU GET INTO BARTENDING? Two years ago… I just kind of fell into it. I was working to get extra income to get through school. I started making money and it just felt like something I could do for a while. WHAT’S A HARD THING ABOUT BEING A BARTENDER? Sometimes other’s feel that when you’re talking to them and being courteous and polite it means that you are flirting with them… and sometimes it gets you into awkward situations. HOW DIFFICULT IS DATING WHEN YOUR A BARTENDER? The only difficult aspect is taking someone seriously.. because you see someone talking to someone and then a few minutes later you might see them with someone else and the next week they are with someone else. So it’s a little discouraging at times, to take someone seriously when you meet them at the bar. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES YOU ENJOY ABOUT BEING A GRAPHIC ARTIST VERSUS A BARTENDING? Well I’m starting to realize I have really bad social skills, because I’m not used to getting hit on. I just been working on my body and myself, but I feel like people are noticing more, which is still a little weird… growing up I was a little chunky in High School. HOW HAS YOUR PERCEPTION CHANGE OF THE DATING WORLD BY BEING A BARTENDER? It has open my eyes as far as the loyalty that relationships have. I think the temptation is out there, specially with apps. I feel like its expanded so much, before people would go to a bar because they wanted to talk to someone or interact with someone. Now we rely on apps, and we are losing some of that one on one personal interaction. ARE YOU ON ANY APPS? I’m only on Facebook. WHAT ARE SOME QUALITIES THAT YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE ON GUYS? I would say someone that could laugh and someone that’s has ambitions… and confidence. WHAT KIND OF GUYS DO YOU LIKE TALKING TO / DATE? I like talking to individuals who don’t come out to the scene as much, it’s nice to not know their history I feel I can get to know them better. I want to get to know them more intimately. Rather that hearing all the talk that people might know about them from being in the scene. WHAT ARE SOME GOOD QUALITIES YOU HAVE? I’m a vey loyal person when I’m in a relationship… I’m a very long term kind of guy. But sometimes it’s just hard to find that I guess. HOW WAS YOUR COMING OUT EXPERIENCE TO YOUR FAMILY? I just came out to them not too long ago. It went well, I explained to them how I felt and who I really feel that I am. I explained to them this is who I am and that I am happy… and that all I wanted from them was to be respected. I have a much better relationship with my mom and my dad, because I don’t have those walls up. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT IS SUCH THING AS A GAY HAPPILY EVER AFTER? I do, I really do. I just think it takes a lot of work and people have to put the effort into it… I used to want a house and family full of kids, but now I’m more realistic about it and I will be happy if I can have one kid of my own.