Q Sacramento Magazine VOL 4. ED 2 - Page 11

FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD Located at 2005 11th St. in Southside Park, South is contemporary Southern cuisine, heavy on seasonal fare and driven by historical inspiration. South is traditional family food, unpretentious, with no gimmicks, and no crazy science. At South we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are just trying to express 200 years of our family’s story on a 12” plate. Our menu is split into two main categories, “New School” and “Old School”. The Old school side of the menu reflects recipes from my family, these dishes a very regional to where my family grew up in Mississippi and Louisiana. The New School side of the menu takes the foundations of Southern cooking and gives it a Northern California swag. Different cooking techniques and some non-traditional ingredients find their way to this side of the menu. The atmosphere of our restaurant is relaxed and casual. We focused on giving the restaurant a very residential feel that allows our guests to feel at home. Using vintage pieces, such as the original butcher block table from when the space was a Chinese grocery store, to wool Turkish rugs help soften the edges and keep the space from feeling generic or trendy. The space is ever growing and over the next months and years our currently bare gallery walls will be filled with a permanent art collection. South has big plans for the Spring, we will start serving brunch on Saturday mornings. Items such as Petey’s Chicken n’ Waffles to Slab Country Ham, Grits and Eggs will grace the brunch menu. We are currently working on expanding our dining room and adding an event space for private parties and meetings for up to 50 guests. And last but not least we have our Sass and Swagger Grand Opening Party in early April. Our Sass and Swagger event will be hosted at the restaurant and will be an all-out Southfest of all you