Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 5

Resilient by nature Foreword This year has tested the will and preparedness of the global community. At a time when much of the world was put on pause, government officials, medical staff, and citizens came together to protect their communities and eliminate the virus. Qatar was no different. To overcome the challenges posed by coronavirus, every industry and individual has demonstrated an inherent resilience by leaping to action. In the eighth edition of Q Life Magazine, we shed light on the extraordinary determination, ingenuity, and creativity we have witnessed from those within the country, even during the most difficult of times. Meet the people who have led the COVID-19 response in Qatar and guided its people through the pandemic. Walk through the factories that have revolutionised their production lines in order to produce life-saving products such as ventilators and hand sanitisers. Discover how educators have used the pandemic as a catalyst to transform their sector, exploring new ways for students to grow and become impactful members of society. As you read, you will notice that this edition of Q Life Magazine, like many activities in today’s world, follows social distancing guidelines. From production to distribution, we have upheld all new safety standards: interviews were conducted using Zoom and our hardcopy magazines have been replaced with a fully digital edition. On behalf of the Government Communications Office of the State of Qatar, we would like to thank everyone in the country for their service, cooperation, and selflessness which have allowed our nation to move forward together during this uncertain period. The Government Communications Office of the State of Qatar 5