Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 39

Issue 8
Barzan Holdings manufactures life-saving ventilators
“ One moment I ’ m particularly proud of ,” Saoud Mannai , Director of Armaments , described , “ is when we packaged the first ventilator and put a sticker on top of it saying ‘ Made in Qatar ’ and shipped it abroad ”. Barzan Holdings can currently produce almost all parts of the ventilators locally in Qatar , while the rest comes from its strategic partner , the American company Wilcox Industries .
It ’ s a story of innovation , driven by an instinctive aspiration to propel the nation ’ s capabilities towards an era of self-sufficiency . For Barzan Holdings , pioneering the defence and manufacturing industry in Qatar extends far beyond the desire to do good business . It ’ s a chance to support social development , domestic production and international commerce for years to come .