Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 34

Issue 8

Providing a lifeline

Answering the call to duty , Barzan Holdings only needed two weeks to shift their production line and start manufacturing life-saving ventilators for the nation .

Amid the coronavirus pandemic , ventilators help ease the pressure on hospitals . They take over the body ’ s breathing process when disease has caused the lungs to fail .

As the global defence and security investment arm of Qatar ’ s Ministry of Defence , Barzan Holdings quickly evolved to meet the demands of the nation . Now producing 8,000 life-saving ventilators a month , Barzan Holdings can supply both local and international markets .
Issue 8 Resilient by nature Fatima Hassan Alremaihi FATMA HASSAN ALREMAIHI Pushing the limits of creativity When a global pandemic strikes, how can we create a new space to connect domestic filmmakers with the global community? Q Life speaks to the CEO of the Doha Film Institute to learn how the organisation used this moment to reinvent one of its leading annual events. “ Film nurtures the mind and opens doors. While For Alremaihi, supporting filmmakers and lending we may be physically isolated during these times, a voice to underrepresented segments of the film and the arts can transport us to new places,” community is paramount at this time. For the past six says Fatma Hassan Alremaihi, CEO of the Doha Film years, she has overseen the creative direction of the Institute. Institute where she has the opportunity to “promote As a leading Qatari cultural organisation dedicated to film financing, production, and education, the Doha Film Institute has stayed true to its commitment to highlight Qatar’s diverse past, of filmmakers in the Arab world and beyond.” It allows her to do what she loves most – supporting new voices in film. present, and future despite much of the world When coronavirus spread worldwide, the Institute having to press pause. found itself in the final stages of preparation for The Institute became part of a global movement led by cultural and artistic leaders to adapt to a new creative reality. 34 cross-cultural exchange and see the bold new energy its annual talent incubator event, Qumra, which draws some of the most important names in international cinema to Doha. To support this year’s 47 participating projects – and the hopes and dreams 35