Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 24

Issue 8 range as a permanent product before looking towards the international market. In your experience, what role do local organisations play in helping Qatari entrepreneurs succeed? From the get-go, we partnered with Qatar Development Bank to develop the factory and worked with the Qatar Business Incubation Center to branch into new markets and collaborate with other businesses. Once things were up and running, we worked with Qatar Chambers to travel to different countries, including Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, and Turkey, to showcase our products internationally. What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs? They should take their business idea and put an original and creative twist on it. Every small step forward is progress, and I believe each of them has the power to realise their potential. I cannot wait for the next generation of young Qataris to leave their mark and revamp the industry from within. The doors are wide open, and the government has launched numerous initiatives to help young people achieve their dreams as part of a vibrant community of aspiring leaders. I’m excited to see where they can take us in the future. 24