Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 21

Resilient by nature “The priority lies in building our own capabilities as a ‘Made in Qatar’ brand that aligns with national economic aspirations, including new opportunities for manufacturing. We work with international partners and companies to achieve this goal and move closer to self-sufficient production, ”Ahmed Rashed Al-Moosafri Director of Investments at Barzan Holdings, says. Barzan Holdings’ ventilators are doing more than saving lives, they’re also helping the company invest in Qatar’s domestic workforce. Barzan Holdings has opened its doors to young Qatari military cadets and students who want to learn the ins and outs of the manufacturing process. “Self-sufficiency cannot happen without internal growth. We believe that developing the local knowledge-based economy is part of our contribution towards a lasting legacy for Qataris,” Al Mannai says. Barzan Holdings describes the ventilator project as one of its most strategic ventures because of the experience and expertise gained from it. “We aim to be in a position where we can develop and design in-house solutions that address key issues, without relying upon the expertise of external parties.” Barzan Holdings’ ventilators have not only saved lives but have also ensured the livelihoods of Qataris in the years to come. 21