Q Life Magazine Issue 8 - Page 10

Issue 8 At the start of the pandemic, she added a new title to her name when she took on the role of Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, a cross-government body with the mandate to combat COVID-19 and keep Qatar’s citizens and residents safe. She has become a beacon of hope to those looking for guidance and a sense of certainty during such uncertain times. “A difficult situation feeds on misinformation. Facing this pandemic as a united front means including the people of Qatar in the government’s response process and letting them make informed decisions for their personal safety and health,” emphasises HE Al Khater. In her lifetime, she has seen Qatar implement progressive reforms and emerge as a cultural and economic hub in the region. Qatar embodied a spirit of unwavering resilience and self-reliance, spurred by the illegal blockade imposed on Qatar in June 2017 - the same year HE Al Khater was appointed as the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “When the crisis hit, I realised that I could do my part to serve the country and offer up my expertise,” she explains. Three years into the blockade, the world was struck by another life-altering event. And yet, little has changed about HE Al Khater’s fearless approach - no matter the scope of crisis. “Knowing that every decision taken underpins the safety of the people makes it easy to communicate, especially since the people of Qatar stood in solidarity with the government and helped the health sector to flatten the curve.” government’s performance and makes the status of the pandemic readily available to the public. For HE Al Khater, this availability was crucial: “Transparent and clear messages support the government’s efforts to overcome the pandemic.” Not only has Qatar made transparency one of its hallmarks, it has also ensured that all people – irrespective of age, gender, nationality, religion, and social status – receive the information and care they need to overcome the virus. Messages on healthcare practices and coronavirus restrictions are communicated in seven different languages through various platforms. Universal healthcare provides medical assistance to anyone who needs it at no charge. With actions that reverberate as deeply as her words to the people, HE Al Khater met with countless volunteers in the quarantine facilities to honour their selfless and passionate work for Qatar. “I think that our volunteers will create a legacy of effective crisis management for the country, built on the invaluable experiences and self-growth we all are undergoing at this time.” HE Al Khater knows that this is an accomplishment shared with the people of Qatar whose selfless acts of kindness helped to protect others: “Thank you for your service and for putting your life at risk to protect others. You are the heroes of this crisis, and your dedication is a source of inspiration for us all.” As the Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, HE Al Khater makes a point to note that Qatar is one of the few countries in the region that publicises accurate data on the 10