Pure Gospel Magazine May, 2019 - Page 9

He is our creator as well as the creator of the universe. When was the last time you chose to praise God for just who he is? Do you praise him for what He can do for you? Do you praise him only when things go wrong? We should have praises on our lips throughout the day, each and every day for just who He is, and not for the sole purpose of what He can do for us. This may seem very minute to some, but I find myself saying, “Thank you Lord for allowing me to see this mistake.” When I find myself typing an article or a psycho-educational evaluation, I often thank God for allowing me to see my mistakes. And this tends to happen several times throughout the day. Sometimes I wonder, how often do I praise him instead of praying and asking for something He can provide. Please do not misunderstand this statement. I believe God wants his children to come to him with our needs. However, I also believe he wants to be loved and hear prayers of thanksgiving.

The Hebrew word for Bara means to create out of nothing. God spoke the world, universe, and all our finite brains cannot understand into existence. All he had to do was speak, and it occurred. What power and authority our God has. Our lives were as an empty canvas until God took control.

He then molded us and made us into what

he has planned for our lives. He is

patient with his creations and loves us

all so much that his mercies are new

each and every day.

I want to close part 1 with a little humor.

Three scientists had a conversation with

God and indicated mankind no longer

needed him because we have reached a

point in our intelligence that we can do

all He can. These cocky, arrogant scientists

told God they could prove it to him. God

simply said, “Ok, I will take your challenge.”

The scientists told God they were going to make a man out of dirt. As they knelt down and began forming the image of a man, God spoke up and said, “Gentleman, I believe you need to get your own dirt. All of this belongs to me.”

Something out of nothing, that is what He has done with my life. That is what He does with all true believer’s lives. He takes a void and empty place and fills it with love, peace, and compassion for others. He takes simple pieces of clay and makes them the most beautiful creations in his eyes. And remember, God doesn’t make junk!

Much Love,

Amy D. Oxenrider