Pure Gospel Magazine March, 2019 - Page 13


One Mind

Technology is often a blessing or curse. When it’s working correctly, everything is great. However, when it’s not working as we expect, we often become extremely frustrated. Computers and smartphone allow us to communicate in multiple ways. For instance, some prefer Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Used for business, pleasure, or leisure, these apps have definitely made their mark on society. One that is becoming more popular each day is Snapchat. I have to admit, I love playing with the filters. Yes, this 42 year old woman enjoys laughing at herself. But one thing I have learned, these apps and devices can be used to help as much as harm. One must be very careful and use wisdom, especially when children are involved. Thank goodness God provides what we need, even the things we never thing about, such as wisdom. When taking a technological device and utilizing it’s potential to spread joy or happiness is something I have learned can be rewarding.

I am part of a group created on Snapchat for my coworkers. We have used this app for fun, to spread needed information, as well as requesting prayer. One day we received a notification that we had a message on Snapchat. It was a coworker that was asking all of us to stop for a brief moment and pray for her mother. Apparently, there was an unexpected illness that struck and things were not looking good for my friend’s mother. When Nancy, my coworker, asked us to stop and pray, she did not say I need all of my Baptist sisters and brothers to pray. She simply said I need my brothers and sisters in

Christ to pray for my mother. The affiliation of our church membership meant absolutely nothing. The connection to our Heavenly Father meant absolutely everything.

1 Corinthians 1:10 states the following: “I appeal

to you brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus

Christ, that all of you agree with one another so

that there be no divisions among you and that

you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

This scripture teaches us that denominations

do not mean anything to Christ. Are they

wrong? No. We all choose to worship differently.

Our worship and praise should come from our

heart and actions should be directed by the Holy

Spirit, not church guidelines. When Nancy

reached out to her sisters for prayer, she had

Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, and Catholics

praying to the same God for her mother’s

healing. We were in one mind and one accord.

We knew there is one name above all others,

the name of Jesus.

When we as the body of Christ come together as one

church, one people, and one mind, we can accomplish more

than we can imagine for the Kingdom of God.

Much Love, Amy D. Oxenrider