Pure Gospel Magazine January 2019 - Page 9

2.Pray More - You can pray alone or pray with your spouse. Be intentional when you pray. Set aside time to pray in a focused way, and keep yourself in an attitude of prayer throughout the day. Nothing replaces prayer… nothing.

3.Be More Encouraging to Each Other - Make it a goal this year to intentionally encourage each other. You can send an encouraging text on a daily basis, you can give each other gifts, just because. Encourage your spouse with purpose.

4.More Quality Time with each other - Nothing replaces quality time with your spouse. There are no shortcuts, and no substitutes. We are all guilty of letting the daily chores and commitments get in the way. Make this a priority by setting aside time to be together now, when the year is young.

5.More Godly Community - Who are your friends? Are you serving in your church? Do you regularly attend a church together? Your marriage is your ministry, but you also need friends who are alongside you and helping you grow. You both need to be intentional about your friendships, by nurturing a good blend of “input” friendships (those who help you grow and encourage you) and “output” friendships (those who you are ministering to and pouring into for their benefit).

We encourage you to set a time with your spouse to intentionally discuss how you can make the next year your best yet. Write down your goals, and talk about a plan to tackle them. Make them personal. If you can, make them measurable – so you can see how you’re doing. As we start a new year, it’s our sincere prayer that you’ll grow closer to God and closer to your spouse than ever before. May you start the next year with eager anticipation for what God is going to do in and through your marriage!

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Until next month!! Be Blessed!!