Pure Gospel Magazine January 2019 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Pastor Charles W. Reese


It is coming up on that time of year when we will stop and evaluate our individual lives as to where we are, where we want to be, what we have accomplished that was good and look at those things that were not good. We will decide that we want more of some things and less of other things.

Actually it is good that we do this. In fact, it is so very good that we do this perhaps we should do it more often than just one time a year. It is at times like this that we will with determination resolve to do more or less. We mean that we are going to do it! There is nothing that can keep us from it! After all, we are tired of the way things have been. We are going to do something about it! So, more or less, here we come.

The truth is, if I had kept all the resolutions I have made down through the years. I would be totally out of debt, own my own company, have millions in the bank, weigh only a fraction of what I weigh now, and be a saint. Well, because of something I have yet to deal with, I am in debt, have little or no money in the bank, have no business of my own, weigh in like a whale, have not taken care of myself, and have no hint of saint-hood.

So, what’s the problem? Perhaps it is when less becomes more, and more becomes less. I did less to perform my resolves did more of less than I intended. More good intentions are equal to less when we allow less to replace the more we so determined to do. It is neither more or less that we need. It is the discipline to do a little of the great thing each day, and to do it with consistency.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” the Bible says. It is not enough to start the journey but to end it. Perhaps this is crazy, but why don’t you just THINK ABOUT IT!