Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 September, 2018 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


As a kid I was often trading with friends. I had something they wanted and they have something I wanted. One day I traded my first guitar for a bicycle and an electric train. Boy! Was my Daddy ever mad! I never saw the train, and the bicycle was in several pieces. By the way, I never saw my guitar again either.

As I was remembering that trade, I began to think about the fact that we all make trades every day. For instance, when we go to work we are trading our time for our talents for the money we will be paid. Then we trade money for things and services. Because there are good trades and bad trades, let us consider your trade very carefully. Bad trades come when we have not fully examined the thing which we are trading. Ask yourself this question. “Is the item gained of more value than what we will lose, or is the item really worth it?” Of course, our objective of the trade is to come out better than we went in

If we haven’t considered what we will get in the trade, we should stop and take time to examine the prize. For a temporary pleasure people often make bad trades, because what they are getting in return has not been considered. Then when they receive it they are sadly disappointed.

Now consider the good trade. One day our last trade will be the greatest trade of all. We will trade an old cross for a crown. The song says, “I’m trading my sorrows. I’m trading my pain. I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord”. When we trade with Jesus, we trade our eternal destiny in the Lake of Fire for the eternal destiny of living forever with Christ. We trade our guilt and shame for His forgiveness and that new nature He gives. One day we will make our final trade. Are you trading up, or are you trading down? May this is the time to pause and think about it.

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