Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 September, 2018 - Page 17


According to Your Faith

Imagine a woman sitting in her home day after day wishing she could be normal. An illness prevents her from engaging with her peers and family because she is considered “unclean.” She has no control. She has spent all of her money on herbs and rituals in hopes of being healed so she could be “normal.” She sits thinking to herself, “What do I have now? I’m still sick and have no money for medicine. I am bound to my home, away from friends and family. How long will I have to suffer? How long will I be isolated form society?” As she sits feeling hopeless, she hears through her small window the crowd becoming excited. She walks closer hoping to hear the cause of the commotion. Then she hears the name “Jesus.” She remembers what she has heard about this mysterious man they call “Teacher”, “Son of David”, “Healer.” “Is it true he has so much power,” she says to herself. “Could it be possible that he could actually heal my disease?” Suddenly, without a second thought, she grabs her cloak, wraps it tightly around her upper body and rushes out the door. She begins to follow the crowd but soon realizes she is not the only one that’s heard Jesus is in town. There are so many people running towards him, will she ever make it before he is out of reach? She sees him from a distance but can’t seem to get close enough to ask him for help. He begins to walk further away and the crowd is getting thicker. She thinks this is her one and only chance and she is not going to let him get away from her. She pushes, steps over the fallen, presses her way through the crowd but he is still to far ahead of her. She thinks to herself, “ This man with so much power, if I can only touch his cloak, I will be well.”

Again, she becomes more and more

determined to make her way to him.

Finally, she get close enough to touch the

very edge of his cloak. She falls on the

ground and reaches between others to

touch the very hem of his cloak. Jesus

stops. He turns and looks to her asking

“Who touch me?” She knew he was

referring to her. Scared and timid she

quietly says, “It was I.” Jesus did not

have to ask her what was wrong or

why she felt the need to touch him,

he already knew. He saw the faith

she had in him and loving said,

“Take heart, daughter, your faith

has healed you.” She was instantly

healed. After twelve years of suffering,

it all went away once the Healer spoke.