Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 September, 2018 - Page 12

Let’s start at the beginning and share with us how you met? Linda said, “I met Dillard at my cousin’s 16th birthday party. Dillard added in a chuckle, “She was coming to see me, but she through my brother was me.”

From the comical beginning through the years, all marriages change. Let’s talk about some of the responsibilities or changes you might not have been ready for and how you coped with them. “One of the most major changes that took place in our lives happened years after we had been married.

said Linda. “Dillard came and told me that God told him to build a camp and I was surely not ready for that. Our life was good the way it was. We had a beautiful home; several vacation properties and we were very comfortable.” “I waited almost 10 years for Linda to get ready and be onboard and it didn’t happen,” said Dillard. “I finally went ahead and bought 23 acres and waited a year hoping Linda would come around.”

“Finally, I started building. I built the first building with help from many friends and I asked Linda if she would come and pray with us. She agreed. She came to the property and never left!!!” Linda added, “and the Lord has blessed us to serve him on these grounds for the past 16 years.” “Construction continued and today we have two-20 bed dorms, 7 cabins on the front of each dorm, an industrial kitchen, a large dining hall, offices, and a large 400 seat tabernacle. We have been blessed to see over 2000 people come to know the Lord on this property.”

As strong as your marriage is, you must have been through some difficult times. Can you share with us how you have handled a difficult time in your marriage? Linda began, “We have always been hard workers. We owned a very successful drywall business that we started in 1992. In 2009, the economy fell, and we lost almost everything we had built over the years. We have never been through anything like that in our lives. God taught me to live by faith and he’s seen us through all of that and we came out with a much stronger faith.”

What special role has your faith played in your marriage? Dillard responded, “Our faith has kept us together through many difficult times. We’ve had family struggles, financial challenges, and the list can go on and on, but through it all, God drew us closer together, by working together and putting Him first in our lives.” Linda added, “All marriages have their ups and downs, but if you’ll put God first, you can get through anything.”

In today’s world when so many couples struggle to work through their challenges and stay together, here are two people that are persevering through it all with God in the forefront of their marriage. Thank you, Dillard and Linda, for sharing your incredible story with us.

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Be Blessed,

Rocky & Gail Smith