Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 October, 2018 - Page 13

This passage teaches us that we are to give God what belongs to him. When we look in the mirror each day, we see what God has created. The false belief that our bodies belong solely to us is a misperception. Yes, it is true we decide what we do with our bodies, but ultimately God has the final say. Why does a child’s heartbeat begin before the brain stem is even formed? How do our organs work in perfect unison without our command? While sitting, doing perceivably nothing, our heart is beating, our liver is cleaning our blood from toxins, our brain is creating serotonin and dopamine so our bodies can think and function daily, as well as storing a very large amount of information by the second. Energy is formed. Cells are being created while others are dying. We are God’s creation and he is constantly managing what belongs to him. The question we should ask ourselves is, “Have we stolen what belongs to God, or are we giving to him what is already his?”

While reading this article, take a moment to reflect upon your life and see if there is any area you have chosen to keep for yourself and have not allowed God complete control. In order to have peace that passes all understanding, even in the darkest time of your life, to know God is managing his creation and continues to make his masterpiece into perfection, you can pass through any trial with the knowledge of knowing you will never be alone. And the one walking by your side, or possibly carrying you at times, is the creator of the universe and loves you beyond all measure.

Much Love,

Amy D. Oxenrider