Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 November, 2018 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


The local farmer took a lunch break from plowing in the field and went to a local restaurant that happened to be the local truck stop. He greeted his well-acquainted waitress and ordered the daily special.

The roar of motorcycles was heard as they pulled up just outside the door. They came in and in a loud boisterous voice demanding service.

It was at this time the waitress brought the farmer his food. He quietly bowed his head and began saying the blessing over the food. One of the bikers came over and mockingly began making fun “Old McDonald.” “All y’all down on the farm say the blessing before you eat?” Without looking up the farmer replied, “Naw, the hogs don’t.”

In this scene un-thankfulness and rebellion seem to run together. Thanksgiving should be our attitude every day not just on that one special day in November. Every day we ask God for the needed blessings of this day but we cannot recall three special blessings He gave us yesterday. It is as though we feel we are entitled to His blessings. The truth is that we are not entitled to anything. His blessings come to us through the operation of His grace.

The young man was to give a speech that would give encouragement. He gave this speech in class that day. “When going through life, make this your goal. Keep your eye on the donut, and not on the hole.” A person with a thankful attitude sees life in a different light and brightens the life of those he comes in contact with.

Think About It!

As your Pastor, I’m asking that you, Think About It

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