Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 May 2018 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


We would not think of a loose lion confronting us, as a blessing from God. For us it would be a time of alarm! However, this lion was disguising God's opportunity to reveal His merit of David's faith. Through faith in God, David conquered that lion and even a bear. Afterward he faced the giant, Goliath. If David had failed or faltered with the lion, he probably would have never become king of Israel.

Every difficulty that comes our way is an opportunity for God. When the lion came David's faith in God grew. Every difficulty caused his faith to grow in God. When the big test came, no, not Goliath, but being king over God's people, David had the faith necessary to accomplish the task. What difficulty will you be facing tomorrow? What difficulty are you facing now? Look at it not as just another bad thing that has your name on it, but as another opportunity for God to do something great in your life. As your pastor I am asking you to "THINK ABOUT IT!"

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