Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 March 2018 - Page 15

Everything I do revolves around my belief in God. Even though I was raised in church throughout my childhood, a relationship with Jesus Christ became very personal to me one Sunday morning in August of 1971. "On my knees in a church in Nashville, Tennessee Jesus Christ invaded my life." That's the best way I can describe that encounter. I was pursuing a country music career at the time and continued on that road for several years. God allowed me to run that track for a time, but he had some things in mind for me that I would never have dreamed of.

When I became a Christian I couldn't stop talking about Jesus. I talked to everyone who would listen and lots of folks who wouldn't. I heard someone say once, "Baby Christians will make some messes, but I'd rather have a nursery than a graveyard." I've learned a lot about sharing Christ with others since those early days. You don't have to steam roll people to share the love of God with them. Without a doubt they will feel that love if you extend it to them because God won't let it come back empty handed Barbara Fairchild has been singing since she was 5 years old. The phrase “To see her is to love her,” is really true of Barbara. Her sincere love for people and her vibrant personality makes everyone around her feel good. One of the most important things she does with her voice these days happens at 10:00 A.M. Sunday Mornings from mid April until mid December. That’s her Sunday Morning Worship Service which first began in Branson in 1992. Along with her husband, Roy Morris they’ve inspired thousands of visitors from across the United States who have attended the service and testify to the life changing affect Barbara and Roy have had on their lives. The special “Tribute To Veterans” service held during the Veteran’s Homecoming Week in November always has the largest attendance of the year. Veterans affectionately gave her a name that she treasures, “The Veteran’s Sweetheart.” Roy and Barbara share a strong love and commitment to work tirelessly for veteran’s causes and passionately state their feelings, “We owe it to our Veterans to honor them and let them know we haven’t forgotten the sacrifices they made. We have to pass this knowledge on to our younger generations. Our heritage is a sacred gift that must be cared for or it will be lost.”

Barbara’s had many exciting accomplishments in her Country Music Career and from her involvement in Gospel Music. She’s been nominated twice for the prestigious Grammy Award, one for her #1 Country Record, “The Teddy Bear Song,” and “Lullabye For Teddy” in the Children’s Music Category. She has appeared on many television shows and specials including “Country Family Reunion” that currently appears on RFD-TV Network. Two of my favorite Reunion shows where ‘Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting’ and the other one was ‘Another Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting’.

Since 1991 Barbara has been recognized in the southern gospel music field with songs such as “Could You Walk A Mile,” “Turn Right And Go Straight” from her debut album, “The Light.” She then became part of the group, “Heirloom along with Candy Hemphill Christmas and Tanya Goodman Sykes. The groups beautiful voices were critical acclaimed in such albums as “Apples Of Gold,” and Uncommon Love.” Barbara realized a long time dream along with two of her best friends in country music August 12, 2003 when Sharon White, Connie Smith and Barbara joined Sharon’s husband, Ricky Skaggs who produced their album, “Love Never Fail.” “It doesn’t get any better than that for me,” says Barbara.

Barbara Fairchild