Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 January 2018 - Page 10

Render Unto God What Is God’s

Several weeks ago my family and I were singing at a church that was very formal with its service. The people were very nice and welcomed us with opened arms. However, the services was carried out with a very rigid routine and my thoughts were, “I will get nothing out of this.” My how I was wrong.

The biblical text that was taken that day was Matthew 22, “Render the things that are Caesar’s unto Caesar and to God the things that are God’s.” The pastor was preaching on funds and how God requires his children to support the kingdom of God with our funds and show love and kindness with financial means as well as actions. However, my mind immediately went to Genesis when God said, “Let us create man in our own image.” Every single individual upon the face of this earth, past or present, were created in the image of God. When Jesus asked who’s image is on the coin, he was indicating that coin is stamped with it’s owner. When we look at those around us, we are seeing God’s stamp of his image upon us. We are his image, therefore, we are to render unto God what is God’s. Each and every individual was made for God. His purpose for our lives is already within us. But, so many do not render ourselves to him, therefore, his purpose is never revealed. We have stolen ourselves from God. We feel we do not need him. We have taken all the good he has given us and chosen death because we have not given ourselves completely to him.

Who have you rendered yourself

to? Have you chosen life or death?

Have you chosen a life of peace or

sorrow upon sorrow? Do you

render unto Caesar what is

Caesar’s and rendered to God

what is God’s?

Much Love,

Amy D. Oxenrider