Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 February 2018 - Page 14


The Least Among Men

Have you ever felt drained, like someone has placed a straw in the top of your head and sucked out all of your energy? Do you ever feel like you can’t make a difference because you are so tired and things around you seem hopeless? Well, this is for you….KEEP ON GOING!

Judges teaches us that Gideon and his people were being strongly oppressed by the Midianites. Hiding their crops and livestock were the only way they felt they could survive. While Gideon was working his crop, he was visited by an Angel from the Lord. To make this short and simple, the Angel told Gideon that he, Gideon, would be the one to deliver his people out of the hands of the Midianites. The information delivered to Gideon that day was not what he wanted to hear. Gideon’s faith was weak. He made the statement, “But I am the least among men.” He felt he had nothing to offer. He was hopeless, depressed, oppressed, and scared. But, the Angel responded, “Go in the strength you have.”

Statistics indicate that 10% of Christian’s suffer from depression. Many of us are facing something that makes us scared, anxious, and doubtful. Our faith may be very strong for others, but when we are faced by multitudes of bandits, or when we have to face our den of lions,

sometimes our faith becomes

weak. This is when we have to

remember that true faith is not in

our head, but lives in our hearts.

Our faith is in the hand of Jesus

Christ. He is our strength. He is

our fortress. He is our rock when

we feel we are on sinking sand.

Jesus is all we need. When we

run out of strength, that is when

he steps in and we go in his


Be like Gideon. Go in the

strength you have and allow

Jesus Christ to take care of

everything else. His grace is

sufficient to meet


Much Love,

Amy D. Oxenrider