Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 December, 2018 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


Christmas of 1967 found me in San Antonio, Texas. I was in the Air Force at that time, stationed at Lackland Air Force Base. We had been married just over a year and were comfortable in our small three room house on Quintana Road.

God had been good to us that year. We were able to go to the Base Exchange and buy special gifts for our parents and each other for that Christmas. We were looking forward to going home when I discovered that my schedule had been changed. I had to be on duty and would not be able to drive the 1100 miles home and then turn around and come back before being on duty again. I so longed to go home and be with our families. The tree was beautifully decorated. The red, blue and green lights bathed the living room with a Christmas atmosphere. The presents were under the tree and the record was playing, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

Feeling empty inside, I walked over and looked out across the yard. In the warm south Texas, sun I saw the street that ran beside the house and beyond it were the railroad tracks. I was seeing this, but my mind was thinking about being home.

My dad drove a black Studebaker sedan. To make matters worse for me, as I stood at the window someone passed by driving a black Studebaker like my Dad’s. My thought was, I didn’t need to see that. That didn’t make it any easier for me. Then, before I could retreat to the sofa, the black Studebaker sedan turned into my drive. It was them! Momma and daddy and my little brother and sister got out of the car. That was the greatest of the gifts for me that year.

Their presence had made Christmas complete for me. I realize today more than ever that Christmas is not about things, gifts decorations or even days off.

The real thing is that the ones you love are with you.

With that in mind, I am reminded that people never really had Christmas until He came. That day, everything was in place. People were busy going to and fro getting ready for what they thought was a big event, paying their taxes. But, when He came… when He came… Things were different. Now the sky was not only filled with stars, but there were bright lights and angels declaring the good news. Everyone, from the lowly shepherd to the wise men came looking for this special gift, Jesus, the Christ. And it all happened Christmas, long ago. The gift is not a thing, but a person, Jesus Christ. This Christmas take time and


It’s all about the Christ child born that faithful night there in a lowly stable while the stars shined so bright you see He was the first gift and that’s the reason why we have this Christmas season, yes Jesus is “The Reason Why.”