Pure Gospel Magazine 2018 August, 2018 - Page 7

Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


Have you noticed the in and outs of life? For instance, we are getting out so we can get in. We are getting up so we can get down. So it is with our spiritual walk with God. First God got His chosen people out of Egypt so they could enter into the land of promise.

There is a place God has for you. It is a place of beauty. It is a place God has chosen. It is a place where He is King. It is a place where you and He partner for the challenges you face. It was God's idea to release you from the slavery of your Egypt. That is the sins, habits, relationships, and circumstances that dictate its influence on your life, leaving you with no choice or the power to make a choice.

Before I can enter in and take advantage of the new life, I must first release the old life. To proclaim the promise, I must deny the power my past had over me. In James 4 we are told to submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee. However, notice that it is not enough to resist the enemy. We must be sure that we submit to God. Leave the fold of the enemy? Absolutely, but be sure to come into the fold of the Good Shepherd. No one can last long when we wander in open fields. To tear down the enemy's strong holds, we must begin by rebuilding the altar in our lives. Without that intimate relationship with Jesus, the enemy begins to dilute our devotion to God, and then it will become polluted.

Your Spiritual success calls for a life totally dedicated to Jesus; one that is separated from the worldly ways of living and sold out to living God's way.

Let's just think about it!!

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