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4 the Right Reason


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Think About It

Written By: Charles Reese


The Convention Center in Orlando faces the north and also faces the south. Not aware of this, your old pastor got turned around. "Now wait a minute!" I said, "There was a restaurant on this corner when we came in. What happened to it?"

I knew they didn't move the unmovable. There must be a reasonable explanation. I began to drive around the large complex. It was then that I discovered the truth. This building has two fronts.

It may be that way sometimes with our faith in God. Our faith is based on what we understand about God. While what we understand is true, it could be that we have not yet gotten the total picture. There is more about God than what we know.

With this in mind, consider some points with me that I learned about the Convention Center. First, there are some things that are unmovable. God is real. That is the starter. God loves you. That is an unmovable fact. He does all things well. "Now hold it!" you may say. "What about what I am going through?" I admit, there are some things that don't look pretty, but I go back to the unmovable to get my bearings. The next unmovable is, He is working all things for my good. While on this point, there are times when my faith is shaken, yet this truth is unshakable. It is unmovable. Just as in my experience, I had to just keep going until I turned the corner and saw the unmovable restaurant. Then I got the whole picture. What I saw was good. So it will be when you and I turn that last corner in our lives and see the whole picture. We will understand that it all was good. Thank you, God for being God. It sure would be a mess if I had the freedom to do it the way I thought it should have been done at the time. It's just a thought. THINK ABOUT IT.