Punk and Lizard Issue One - Page 18

Can you tell us a little about the premise of Dollhouse?

It is something we are keeping under wraps. All we can say is that you are a detective trying to uncover more about herself and these characters around her.

It doesn’t sound like your average horror game. What inspired you to make Dollhouse?

Our inspiration came mostly from movies. Dollhouse is like an ode to Cinema in videogame form. You will see this theme repeated throughout the campaign from beginning to end.

The story is a decisions-based one. How different are the outcomes?

Without spoiling the story, the story literally changes each level depending on your actions all the way to the end.

How many different characters can you choose to play and does each one bring a different element to the storyline?

Every character is playable in the game and each has a different storyline which will affect the game’s narrative dramatically.

The look and feel of Dollhouse really nails the 1940's look. How difficult was this to achieve?

It was hard because we had to balance out all our effects and lighting to make sure we captured the feel. I know a lot of players think the game is entirely black and white but that is not entirely true. A lot of elements are in colour but we are not ready to show you guys what that is yet.

Can you tell us about the multiplayer and online

features within the game?

The campaign will feature drop in, drop out co-op. Players can choose to enable or disable this anytime if they don’t want to play with others. The competitive multiplayer will support at least four players, but we are still testing to see what the optimal amount is. Each character has a loadout based on their storyline and can customize it further with new abilities they unlock.

How long is the single player campaign?

The game will take anywhere between 8-10 hours depending on how much players are willing to explore.

Would you say Dollhouse is more about suspense than horror?

Yes most definitely. We would say Dollhouse is a psychological thriller with a lot of horror elements.

Telltale Games have been a huge hit on PlayStation. Are you fans of The Walking Dead and Telltale’s other titles?

We love The Walking Dead series. It is a beautiful game with an emotional story we would like to capture in our game as well.

Many thanks to Creazn Studio for talking to us. Dollhouse comes to PS4 early 2016

DOLLHOUSE is the new suspense horror experience coming to PS4 next year; Creazn Studio tell us what to expect.