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916.900.2777 www.PunjabiAmericanMedia.com Auto Repair & Maintainence - Banquet Halls 19 F AST A ND H ONEST S ERVICE Y OU C AN D EPEND O N S MOG C HECK W E S PEAK P UNJABI O PEN M ONDAY - S ATURDAY S ERVICES • PASSENGER CARS , MINIVANS , TRUCKS AND RV ’ S • BRING US YOUR CALIFORNIA DMV REGISTRATION RENEWALS THAT 916-334-SMOG (7664) R EGISTRATION R ENEWAL NEED A SMOG CHECK O WNERSHIP C HANGES • WE SMOG TEST VEHICLES FOR TRANSFERS OF OWNERSHIP • IF YOUR VEHICLE FAILS , WE CAN REFER YOU TO C ONSUMER A SSISTANCE P ROGRAM 6421 W ATT A VE N ORTH H IGHLANDS , CA 95660 $10.00 OFF C.A.P. FOR HELP WITH VEHICLE REPAIRS OR RETIREMENT I NITIAL S MOG C HECK R ESTRICTIONS A PPLY . S EE S TORE F OR D ETAILS . E XPIRES 12/31/2016. M ENTION O FFER C ODE : PAM WWW .S MOG NT AG . COM north & south indian cuisine Treat youself to an elaborate Buff et Spread featuring North & South Indian Appetizers, Vegetarian Dishes, Non-Vegetarian dishes with Chicken, Lamb & Seafood, Desi Chinese dishes, Soft Drins, Dessert and much much more! We specialize in catering & have the fi nest Banquet for up to 550 people in Newark! 5995 Mowry Ave, Newark, CA 94560 Ph. 510.744.6945 Catering & Banquets, Call: Balkar Singh @ 510.676.5641 • www.dinebombaygarden.com